Monday, October 16, 2017

Your definition of a magnificent life

On the September 8, 2017 edition of the Tony Robbins podcast, Tony appears on a show hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk. It was an amazing episode. At the end, Gary asked Tony to ask his listerners a question. Here is Tony’s question:

What is your definition of a magnificent life?

Tony said that the answer will be different for everybody, because it is life on our own terms.

My definition of a magnificent life is not yours. Your is not mine. There can be, however, some commonalities. Most of us desire to experience deep connections, love, health, and overflowing abundance.

Here is my definition:

I work four hours a day on my books and spend the rest of my day enjoying nature, connections with others, and a deep spiritual communion with my Source. I have copious amounts of money that I infuse with love to serve all life on this planet, yet my life is very simple and uncomplicated. I can take weeks off of writing without suffering any financial strain whatsoever. I am not overly stressed, and enjoy both fulfilling my purpose through writing, as well as relaxing and meditating. I am in amazing physical shape, sleep great, and wake up refreshed and enthused to make a difference every day.

That is what I envision and strive for every day. 

Here is the deal: if we don’t define what a magnificent life ourselves, then our lives will be defined for us. Further, how can we expect to live what we first don’t define?  Like Tony said, it’s about life on our own terms.

So to keep the party going, what is your definition of a magnificent life? Let me know in the comments, and please know that I respond to all comments and they are all welcome.



copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

On August 15, 2017 I promised myself that I would share my book with the world every day, so here goes: The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind is a book where we deliberately create wealth by installing 8 Heart-Commands into our chest and subconscious mind. It takes patience, persistence, self-love and tenacity. They invigorate my life daily, and I believe that they can help you as well. They are for spiritual entrepreneurs who are here to make a massive difference in the world.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Future self manifestation meditation

I love working with future versions of myself. I believe that time is malleable and can be used in a creative way. With this meditation, we take an affirmation of our choosing, and simply call forth a future version of ourselves to repeat it with us. It is is that simple.

This affirmation can be anything. It can be an affirmation of a future reality where you have manifested your dreams, bought your dream home, attracted that lover, made your fortune, given back to the planet in massive ways, etc. Or it could just be any affirmation. You are inviting your future self -- the one who has really internalized that affirmation in incredible ways -- to sit with you.

So here is how to do it:

1. Start by taking some deep breaths. Connect with your heart-center.

2. Close your eyes and begin repeating your affirmation out-loud as you rhythmically tap the center of your chest in a drum-like manner.

3. As you repeat your affirmation, imagine that your future self is literally sitting in front of you, tapping her/his chest and repeating the affirmation back to you.

4. Feel that heart-connection with yourself and keep going for as long as you like. Feel that river of love, appreciation, connection, energy, and joy flowing from your heart to your future self, and back again.

This is a very tear-invoking meditation. We are literally connecting heart-to-heart with future, more realized versions of ourselves. If it is a manifestation affirmation -- then the future you who is repeating it back, has already manifested the reality you are affirming. If it is a general affirmation, then the future you has internalized and realized the affirmation in their lives in incredible ways.

In a really amazing, mysterious way -- this collapses time. It helps us manifest the internal states we desire, and the external conditions we desire, much more efficiently and with even more grace and love.

It is the love that connects our present version of ourselves with future versions of ourselves -- for love is the universal law, energy, and consciousness that is present in all moments of time and space at once.



copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Each time I tap my chest and repeat, feel, and vibrate the 8 Commands of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire -- I do so in energetic harmony and heart-connection with every version of my future self -- and with all beings who will ever repeat these commands in any moment in time. This book and these commands connect heart-fields for the purpose of uplifting the energetic frequency of money around the planet. It is a living prayer for a more just, compassionate, and sustainable flow of money and abundance. It is happening.

Heart-to-heart -- we are doing this together.

From whatever moment of time and space you find yourself reading these words -- please feel my warm waves of love and appreciation for being here, on this planet, at this time.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Love is the magnet inside the Law of Attraction

Love is the Magnet inside the Law of Attraction

I have a deep spiritual affinity with Dr. Michael Beckwith. Even though we never met in person, we did meet in a dream once. I was in a seminar with him, and he was explaining the law of attraction. He asked for volunteers, and I came up on stage. He then took a piece of steel and placed it on my body to see if it would stick. 

It didn't.

He then asked me to fill my body with love -- as much love as I possibly could. So I did. He then placed the same piece of steel on my body.

And it stuck this time.

This dream taught me that without the energy of love, the universal law of attraction simply doesn't work. For myself, I have a daily routine of "sending the love." I take about 12 to 20 minutes, and I take deep inhaling and exhaling breaths. With each inhaling breath, I imagine and intend that my heart opens and merges with all the love in the universe. With each exhaling breath, I deliberately direct the energy of love through my heart and hands -- flowing to all beings that I have decided to send that love to.

That is the basic method.

When I am done with my meditation, I intend that the love keeps flowing. I decide to continue to take as many of these love breaths as possible throughout the day, broadcasting that energy to everyone I meet and talk to.

Starting my day in this way makes everything work better. You are free to try the above method if you want. There really is no way to do it wrong. Just breathing deeply, all by itself, connects you to the universal of love. 

The breath is love, and love is the breath.



copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Command #2 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind contains an expanded version of the above love-breathing method. With this command, we are setting up a subconscious-superconscious process of flooding the energy of love through our minds and bodies in all moments. It is like loving ourselves from a higher, cosmic, and spiritual perspective. All our moments get to be wrapped in love.

This book is a living, vibrating space of love where we can connect our hearts with everyone else repeating these commands. If you feel inspired by any of my posts, then investing the $19.99 for this book may just be a great gift to yourself. 

Possible blog topics to come:

~Sitting with a future self,
~Deep self-forgiveness as a path to greater abundance,
~An update on mirror work,
~Getting back up when we fall.

Friday, October 13, 2017

What is my greatest joy?

What is my greatest joy?

That is a very simple, potent question to ask the heart-center. Take a few deep breaths, and point your mind into the center of your chest, and ask:

What is my greatest joy?  What IS it?

Then listen.


Don't force the heart open. Just keep breathing and keep asking.

Throughout the day, take a few short breaks, and just keep asking the question. Your chest will begin to open up and show you exactly what your greatest joy is.

Your greatest joy in consciousness, in your work and business life, in your creative life, in your relationships. This question taps into that vein of pure golden joy inside you.

What is my greatest joy? 

Ask the question with deep sincerity in the chest, ask it with emotional insistence.

As stuff starts to come up, write it all down. Keep a pen handy.

Once your greatest joy begins to rise up and express itself, then you will have the opportunity to make choices.

Will you live your joy, or will you hide your joy to keep others happy and comfortable?

Do you value your greatest joy enough to take the steps to actualize it?

Even if that hurts others?

Are you ready to stop playing small and truly roar at the level of your highest, most courageous joy?

Yes, living your greatest joy takes courage.

Lots of it.



copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

P.S. ---> My greatest joy is writing unique books flowing from the original source of love and joy within me. Each book I write, I try to be totally me. And to deliver real, actionable, and potent material with little filler and bloat -- so that you can immediately begin transforming your life. The first major book in this effort is The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind. This is a book that connects hearts and minds for the purpose of anchoring 8 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire into the chest and body. And all for the purpose of increasing the potency, vibration, and power of pure love and compassion in this world.

With these commands, you can take your greatest joy and make the greatest difference while prospering in the greatest way possible!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cheer myself on and stick with it.

Wow -- the strangest thing happened to me. I totally forgot about this blog until the evening. I feel like a part of my consciousness hijacked my memory to actually keep me from writing. This is called Resistance -- with a capital R.

“Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”  Steven Pressfield.

So, here I am at 7:30 p.m., writing on here ANYWAY. I made a commitment to write every day, to share my work, my book, and my heart with the world, every day for one solid year. Yet, there is this rebellion inside me, saying, "No, I won't do it. I will capture your memory and make you forget because you cannot force me to write!"

I am not forcing myself to write. 

I am choosing to write every day.

Each day, my blog post may not be all that inspiring, but I damn well will write. I am like a soldier -- marching onward. My legs hurt -- keep going. I want to sleep and watch Netflix, that's great -- just get your work done and then you can. I feel exhausted, and I don't know what to say every day -- that's okay too -- but just put your fingertips on the keys and write anyway.

So that is what I am doing.

I got up early this morning and drove 2.5 hours to court, and then drove 2.5 hours back. I am eating well. Doing great. Hang in there, is my message to myself.

One thing I am going to start doing -- is tapping all 8 Commands as a group into my chest before bed, and right when waking up in the morning. I have been doing 12 repetitions of each one every day, but working with them as a connected unit -- haven't been doing that. So starting tonight, I am going to do that.

I really have been feeling good -- just lately I have been feeling a lot of fear, and a lot of internal stress. I don't know what that is all about -- but I am pushing through it.

I have also been listening to High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. So far, I am not a fan. But I am learning a few things here and there. All the math and the assessments make me feel like some kind of machine -- but I am listening to the meat of the audio book and getting some good stuff from it.

No advice for anyone else today, but myself:

Danny Peebles, I love you man -- just keep going.



copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Oh, and by the way ---- My book is an ass-kicking collection of 8 potent Heart-Commands that we get to energetically install into our chests and bodies every day -- to 1) connect with others in a spiritual sense, and 2) reprogram our subconscious minds, and 3) pump more pure love into the world economy.

If you want my opinion, as the author of this book, I say buy it. 

Get it now.

Tap the commands into your chest.

Transform your life.

Make a big difference.

But whether you buy the book now or not, be sure to NEVER GIVE UP on creating the life and future you deserve!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hit a wall? Walk through it.

When success begins to come, or we begin to come out of our comfort zones, often times old material rises up from the subconscious mind to scare us back into conforming to our old patterns.

I am definitely hitting a wall today.

Since July 4, 2017, I have deeply felt and repeated the 8 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire -- 12 times each. I have been feeling more relaxed, confident, abundant, happy. My relationship to the flow of money through my life has been more at ease. I have been feeling at peace.

Since August 15, 2017 -- I have written on this blog every day, sharing my passion and my work with the world. This commitment has altered my self-image and self-esteem in truly miraculous ways.

Since August 20, 2017 -- I have been doing nightly mirror work where I look into my own eyes and appreciate myself for all the positive things I did for the day, and to actively love myself before I go to sleep. This has been an incredible practice. Totally transformed my life.

Since October 2, 2017 -- I have gotten my diet dialed in. I am eating raw green salads every day, with a nightly treat of popcorn. I feel like my energy levels are increasing, and I am feeling more physically healthy.

But yet, here I am facing this wall. I am walking through it. I am doing everything possible, yet I feel all these old emotions coming to the surface. Anger, frustration, fear.

It is like my subconscious mind is staging a rebellion. 

All these old thoughts have gathered in the courtyard to protest all this positive thought and effort!


So this is nothing more than a cheer-myself-the-hell-on post.

I am feeling rebellious, angry, stressed, lonely, frustrated -- but I am telling myself now to just keep going. Put one foot in front of the other. Put one fingertip on the keyboard, and then another. Just keep clacking the words out onto the screen.

I am worth the effort, time, and energy it takes to keep the momentum going.

I am marching forward no matter what.

I realize that reprogramming my mind and life is WORK -- and it takes time.

Today, all I can do is just keep going.



copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

P.S. ---> One of the things I say often in my newest, upcoming book, The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind, is that spiritual growth is not about feeling good all the time. It is okay to feel sad, angry, lonely, scared -- and to wrap all these feelings in a higher energy of love.

And in The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind -- I share with my readers that this is not fast food. Whatever your dreams and aspirations -- realize that there are no quick fixes. Often times, we just have to keep tapping the commands into our chests -- no matter what. When we feel the worst, that is when we are internally more receptive to the commands.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Release the fear of success and failure

The infinite intelligence within me now locates and clears all fear of success and failure held in my subconscious mind. I am free, and it is truly wonderful.

There is a staggering statistic that 79 percent of people who are abruptly flooded with millions of dollars in the lottery end up broke in a few years.

This is because they are afraid. Fear is the culprit. People ask for money and they are afraid to say no. They are afraid of what it means on an emotional level to have that much money. 

There is a deep unsettling that happens in the subconscious mind -- having that much money conflicts with the image they of themselves in their mind.

So they get rid of it.

I know that has been true for me in the past. When a lot shows up, I often got uncomfortable and spent it all. My old subconscious default was having nothing -- just breaking even - no debt and no money either. That is changing drastically with the daily reconditioning of my mind.

Perhaps it's true for many of us.

Often times it is the fear of success, the fear of having too much money, and the fear of failure, the fear of not having enough money -- that are both knotted up inside the subconscious mind.

To release these fears, we need to consciously contact the subconscious mind on a regular basis. With power, emotion, intensity, and a relaxed body and mind, repeat:

The infinite intelligence within me now locates and clears all fear of success and failure held in my subconscious mind. I am free, and it is truly wonderful.

It has to be spoken with emotional depth and conviction while in a relaxed state of mind and body. After each repetition - consciously choose to relax the body even more.

The subconscious mind responds to emotion, faith, and repetition. Keep coming back and repeating this thought with regularity and commitment.

Soon enough, you will become more and more free, relaxed, and at ease with more and more success.



Copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Daily book promotion -- In The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind -- we repeat, feel, and vibrate 8 specific commands of happiness and abundance every day. Gradually, we build an unshakeable foundation. We widen our hearts and our emotional capacity to receive wider and deeper flows of money and abundance -- so when it arrives, we act with wisdom and service to make the world a better place to live.