Saturday, June 16, 2018

Be and do according to joy

In being fully rooted in the joy of who I am, I dedicate myself to moving into and through this world doing what brings me the most joy. The beingness of joy naturally unfolds into actions that are imbued with joy.

So what is the nature of the joy within me? 

Let me endeavor always to contact this joy, to meditate upon it, and to merge my consciousness with it.

What brings me the most joy?

Let me always ask this question and listen for the answer. Let me find the courage to lean into my highest joy and to act according to this joy, even if it upsets others or disrupts conditioned patterns.


Photo by Niilo Isotalo on Unsplash

Friday, June 15, 2018

The breath opens the flow

The breath opens the flow of energy and love through my mind, body, and emotions. Breathing deeply IN, I consciously open the center of my chest and imagine that all my cells and aroma stretch open as well. Breathing deeply OUT, I relax completely and direct the flow of universal love through my mind and body for the immediate benefit of all life everywhere. I keep breathing continuously, with no pauses between breaths.

I continue to breathe in this way, allowing my breath and my mind to penetrate to the core of Existence, and letting-go, allowing myself to be a channel of energy, light, and love.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Associate money with gratitude

Here is a simple question:

How do you feel when you think about money?

Scared? Angry? Happy? Sad?

The first step is just noticing the feelings. No judgment.

Then, begin to associate money with gratitude. Practice saying to yourself, either silently or out-loud, I am so grateful for the money that I DO have. For instance, when you think about that rent, car, or mortgage payment, even if there is a twinge of fear, practice putting your mind on thoughts of gratitude. 

I am so grateful to have the money to pay this. 

I am so grateful that I WILL have the money to pay this.

When I think about bills, I feel instantly grateful. 

I am supremely grateful for the privilege of paying my bills. 

For most people, the thought of money arises many times per day. This is a great opportunity to condition the mind to feelings of gratitude. It takes practice.

Two heart commands from my book can help:

#3 - Every day in every way, I embody the consciousness of ever-increasing gratitude - and I now relax, let-go, and rest in the freedom of who I am.

#4 - In gratitude, joy, and love - money is now magnetized to and through me, in ever-increasing measure, and from all directions.

Speak them twelve times each, several times a day, with a voice of feeling, emotion, and passion.

The more you do it, the deeper they will plunge into your heart and mind.



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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Let the goal go

As a continuation of yesterday's post about charging your goals with sound and energy, I would say one more thing: LET IT GO.

It is so easy to grasp ahold of the end result in a needy, emotionally demanding way, and then try to control, manipulate, or cajole the universe into complying with our demands. Quite the opposite should happen.

As we charge the goal with sound, love, and energy, we let it go.

We release it.

We give it to the universe.

We turn it over.

And we let the divine do all the heavy lifting.

So how do we let-go?

First, we relax the body.

Second, we point our awareness into the chest and simply let-go of wanting to control. We could say the words LET GO, as we tap the center of our chest with an open hand, relaxing even deeper.

Just practice.

Give your goals to the universe, and then trust that everything is working out perfectly.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Charge your goals with sound and energy

There is tremendous power in charging our goals with sound and energy. Take a money goal like this:

I am so happy and grateful now that by ________________, I have more than __________________ in my loving care and possession that I am using to serve the greater good of all life everywhere,

Write or type it out.

Then hold it in front of you and begin toning a sacred sound. You could tone these sounds:

AUM - Ahhh-uuhh-mmm

Kriya - Kreee-ahhhh

Rama - Raahh-mahhh

Either of them will work. Really stretch out the syllables. You can tone out-loud, in a whisper, or silently. I would try it out-loud to start with.

As you tone your sound, drop your awareness down into your chest. Tone the sound from within your heart-field. Then imagine, intend, and feel that this sound is flowing out of the center of your chest like a mighty river, directly into your stated goal.

When your mind wanders, that is okay. Just bring it back to the sound, to your heart, and to your intention that the sound flows into your goal.

Do this every day for like 90 days or more. Your goal will get impregnated with life force energy. It will brim to overflowing with light. The key is consistency. Doing it once or twice won't do. Make a commitment to do this long-term. Over time, you will notice some amazing results, perhaps even faster than you think.

Every day, I infuse life-force energy into the 8 Commands, all to make them even more potent for everyone.


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Monday, June 11, 2018

Rising up again

I am so grateful that I am rising up out of the long desert. I am feeling much more grounded, on track, connected, and motivated. Little by little, I am getting there. I feel like my enthusiasm has been renewed. I am committed to anchoring these commands even deeper into my chest.

Over the past year, my relationship to the flow of money and abundance through my life has totally transformed. I am way more relaxed and trusting. I just know that money is flowing. I don't stress about it.

And now, I have undertaken to record my spending in real time. To really look at it, study my habits, and see about plugging some of the holes in the boat. For the longest time, I have been unconscious about money. Just make enough to live on, pay my bills, and spend the rest. But now, I feel a deep and powerful urge to become more awake and conscious around money.

It feels good.

I am really committed to proving for myself that these commands work. That is why I pledge to not give up. I am going to be writing and working on this blog for many years in this process.



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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Becoming money conscious instead of money unconscious

I am totally committed to becoming more money conscious. In this spirit, I am starting a money journal. The rules are simple.

One. Spend what I want, but write it down. Everything I spend, from a snack at a convenience store, to gas, to big purchases, I write down.

Two. Look at it every day, so that I can start seeing my money habits from a higher perspective.

In the past, I have resisted this practice like crazy.

I can start seeing where I spend money, and where I need to stop the leaks.

This new practice begins today.

Right now.


Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash