Monday, September 3, 2018

Heart-Centered Affirmations for a Millionaire Mind

Heart-Centered Affirmations for a Millionaire Mind

With all the time I have taken off from writing on this blog, I have been quite busy in putting together another book. It is a mini-version of the larger book. It is called Heart-Centered Affirmations for a Millionaire Mind. I am really excited about it. It is a short book, but is packed with powerful affirmations to cultivate a millionaire mind that is anchored in the love, energy, and wisdom of the heart.

Some people want to become millionaires so they can buy a ton of stuff and enjoy an elevated social status. It's all about the money. Other people want to become millionaires so they can enhance their relationship with the universe, use the resources to better themselves, and to serve the planet in the highest way possible. For them, it's all about the love.

My book, Heart-Centered Affirmations for a Millionaire Mind, is for the latter. It is for compassionate, spiritually minded souls who are committed to making love more real on this planet, and who see money and success as one way to help do that.

Each chapter of this book is a space to take many deep breaths and repeat the affirmation/heart-command many times. At the beginning of each chapter, the reader takes three massive breaths and repeats the command while simultaneously tapping the center of the chest with an open hand. Then the reader proceeds to concentrate deeply upon and absorb the chapter. When another repetition of the command is reached, three more deep breaths are taken, and the command is repeated again while tapping the chest. Throughout the chapter, the command is repeated and felt many times in a pattern of spaced repetition.

The practice is to go through 2 or more chapters a day, cycling back through them all over a considerable period of time. I have termed this process "heart-centered autosuggestion," which is the process of reforming or reshaping the subconscious mind through the energy and emotional centers of the heart-field.

Heart-Centered Affirmations for a Millionaire Mind has the following principles covered:

~Realizing on a deep and cellular level how wealthy we already are. Feeling the whole universe inside us.

~Pouring the energy of love through our minds and bodies. Self-love is the key to all true success and fulfillment.

~Living the energy and consciousness of gratitude.

~Drawing increasing flows of money through our lives that vibrate at the higher levels.

~Becoming a channel of inspired ideas.

~Taking joyous and persistent action.

~Tapping into and anchoring the future memory of being a heart-inspired millionaire directly into our hearts, minds, and bodies.

~Using money as a means of service.

Best of all, these are masterminding affirmations. This means that each time we repeat them with sincere emotion and passion, we are connecting on a heart-centered and energetic level with everyone else who repeats them. As more and more people repeat them, they will grow in magnetism and transformative power for all of us.

To work with these Heart-Centered Affirmations for a Millionaire Mind, these qualities are necessary:

~The ability to play the long game and be tenacious.

~Daily and disciplined practice. 

~The ability to get back up and keep going when sidetracked.

~A good attitude.

~An open minded approach to spirituality.

~A sincere heart and a strong desire to be a channel of wealth for the greater good.

Remember that the greater good must always begin with you.

Heart-Centered Affirmations for a Millionaire Mind is a totally unique book. There really isn't anything like it on the planet. It is a method of continuous reformation and reprogramming of the subconscious mind using the breath, tapping of the chest, and passionate and emotional repetition of energy-rich commands and affirmations. Each time you cycle back to a chapter that you previously read, breathed, and affirmed - you are deepening it inside you. With time, your mind and your life will be shaped in accordance with their truth.

But again, you can't expect a quick fix. You have to work the affirmations for the affirmations to work.

A good way to begin is to get the book and breathe from 2 to 4 chapters a day, every single day. Do this for 90 continuous days. This 90 days can be a good jump start. Then keep going for as long as it takes.

copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A revamped book


I am so grateful that I have taken so much time off from this blog. This time has given my brain space to dive back in and revamp the book again. I have simplified the heart-commands, and put in ample creative space for people to paste visual images and write out detailed description of what that are choosing to manifest.

Exactly one year ago today, I made a commitment to write on this blog every day and to share my work with the world every day. It was a commitment to not give up. I think I made it like 250 days. In May, I hit a major wall and totally wanted to delete this blog entirely. I plunged deeply into discouragement. Slowly, I began to miss days. The days I did write, I would blob something out and click publish. That was a deep hole to crawl out of.

I am glad I made that commitment, and grateful that I made it that long.

This next year, however, I want to keep going with this blog, but only commit to three posts a week. In this way, I will still have time and mental space to actually write more books. I don't know why, but I got into this rut of just blogging once a day, and then nothing else.

I have my new book being printed and shipped to me. I am super excited to get it and begin really working with it. I am excited to fill up the blank pages with images, descriptions, gratitude lists, ideas, action lists, and anything else. In this way, this book will be like a vision journal as much as a book of heart-commands to manifest the mind and life of a philanthropic millionaire.

So, this post is the first post of the new book. May it bless the lives of thousands of people and help countless souls become the heart-inspired millionaires who use their wealth to serve the planet and all of life.


copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Breathing space

I can honestly say that I am grateful that I haven’t written on this blog for over a week. This has given me space to revamp the 8 commands and refresh and update the book. My brain has so thoroughly enjoyed this breathing space.

-The commands are more succinctly written.
-Parts of the book have been removed.
-Space has been added at the end of each chapter for writing and for pasting images of success. I am super excited about this new feature, as I think it will add an amazing dimension to this book, allowing people to use it as a workbook, journal, and vision boarding device.

Super cool!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

My abundance blesses the world

My abundance blesses and heals the world in boundless, miraculous ways. 

This is a simple affirmation that contains a powerful secret to abundance. If what we are doing is serving the greater good, then it will have a special energy behind it. We will work harder and smarter. We will be motivated beyond our own personal ambitions. We can even turn that affirmation into a question: How IS my abundance blessing and healing this world in boundless miraculous ways?

As abundance flows into my life, I am blessed. As abundance flows through my life, I am blessed beyond all measure.


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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The power of this question

Why am I so grateful now?

This is such a simple question. If asked with deep penetrating curiosity, it can rouse feelings of appreciation and thankfulness. The trick is to ask it with a voice of passionate feeling and intensity, even if you don't feel so great in the moment. Gratitude is one of those deep soul states that can operate in the background of our awareness, even while we are feeling or going through difficult emotional challenges.

The cultivation and awakening of gratitude has been the single biggest benefit of working these 8 commands into my heart and mind for the past year. I am finding that gratitude is the glue that truly does make everything possible.

Why am I so grateful now?

Just asking the question over and over again, speaking more and more from the heart, can shift your mood in seconds and minutes.


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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A deep breath of stillness

No matter how busy and frantic my day can become, I really love the moments when I can close my eyes, take a deep breath, and drop into the stillness of my being.

Relaxing and letting-go is such an integral part of manifesting abundance with the heart.

Once I get into the state of ease, then I simply place the fully manifested vision of what I am choosing to manifest, into that space.

As I do this, the universe receives my call, listens, and responds.


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Saturday, July 7, 2018

The power of appreciation

I believe that the single most powerful benefit I have had from repeating these 8 heart-commands over the past year, is this: I am vibrating at the level of gratitude most all the time. It seems to be my default.

I am discovering that with a grateful heart and mind, literally nothing is impossible.

I find myself simply appreciating the fact that I am alive and breathing. I am appreciating the flow of money and abundance in my life. I am appreciating the privilege of paying my bills. I am appreciating each breath I take.

The power of appreciation is the single most amazing power to cultivate. I am so grateful for everything in my life. All the challenges. All the heartache. All the joy.

All of it.

So what are you appreciating today?


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