Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I honor myself

I honor myself for where I am right now.

Perfect acceptance leads to awakened peace.

As I am at peace with myself, anything I desire to accomplish or manifest comes more easily.

I honor myself, I accept myself, I am at peace with myself.

All is well.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I stay in trust

I stay in trust. 

Trust is a cocoon from the toxic negativity of the world. Trust wraps me in grace. I just know that all is well now, and all will be well tomorrow.

I trust the river. I don’t push it.

I trust the flow. I let-go of resistance.

I trust my heart. I listen to my soul.

I trust that the energy of love is awakening in me worlds of untold wealth, beauty, and bliss.

I am one with the fulfilled manifestation of every desire of my heart.

I stay in trust.


Photo credit: Liane Metzler via Unsplash

Monday, May 21, 2018

I open my heart

I open my heart wide to witness the universe unfold through me. 

I am the universe manifest in form.

My purpose is to allow the universe to find unique expression through me.

In this opening, I am rich beyond all measure.

Deeper and deeper.

Wider and wider.

The universe flows freely through me.

And I am grateful.



Sunday, May 20, 2018

Breathe the energy of money


I now consciously breathe the energy of money through my heart, mind, and bank accounts. As this money passes into and through my care, I uplift it into higher frequencies by impressing the powers of love, joy, and gratitude into it. I then release money to do my will of service, compassion, and love in this world. This opens my inner channel and attracts even more abundance to keep the cycle moving.

This is what I am practicing.

The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind in a nutshell.



The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Command #8 of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

8. The Releasing Money Command

I release money vibrating in love to devotionally serve the awakening of greater peace, freedom, abundance, and compassion everywhere - and to serve the earth, every form of life, and nature in the highest most beautiful way possible.

This is a program that we get to plant into our hearts that represent the energetic quality with which we release money. Money is service. Money represents our ability to make a greater impact. It is not the only way to make a difference, but it can be a very effective means by which we release the energy of love into the world.

Money is a web of energy. The thoughts we release into that web make a huge difference. As we tap this prayer into our hearts, and as we release our money with gratitude and joy - then our prayers will be released into that global web of energy and information. We really can use money in sustainable ways. We really can see our minds and bank accounts as channels of loving service. 

We really can see the new world emerge.

Ultimately, to get there, we need to end the disease of hoarding. As we relax our fear-based grip on money, we realize that when we let-go, the universe always fills even more in. As we release abundance, we create space for even more.



You can start now by planting trees through weforest

Photo credit: Jason Ortega via Unsplash

Friday, May 18, 2018

Command #7 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

7. The Millions Manifested Command

In all my waking, sleeping, and dreaming moments - I literally breathe millions of joy-rich dollars directly through my heart, mind, and bank accounts - and I am so grateful that I now have these millions of dollars that I get to both enjoy myself and share with others in a spirit of giving and generosity.

Deeply spoken with feeling, again and again, this command invokes the future memory of having already manifested millions of joy-dripping dollars. This money is already here, in our consciousness. As we repeat this command, we allow any images or visuals to pop into our mind of moments in the future when this money has already come into our loving care.

Then just keeping coming back. Dive into the command. Repeat it with passion in bursts of 12 repetitions - multiple times per day. Repeat it with so much graatitude and so much emotion that your subconscious mind has no choice but to accept it. Then just keeping working, keep innovating, take the next available step, stay open, and stay grateful.

Best of all, feel into the connection with everyone else working with this command. As you repeat it, you are connecting on a heart-based level with myself and everyone else doing the same thing, regardless of when or where they might be doing it. That’s why this is called an “energetic mastermind.”

Do this for at least a year and watch how your inner and outer life transforms around money.



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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Command #6 of The Heart Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

6. The Massive Action Command

Aligned with my highest wisdom and love - I now take relaxed, inspired, persistent, and massive action to carry my clearest visions into form, and to fulfill my definite purpose and mission in life.

Aligned and massive action - that is what this command is about. As it gets lodged deeply into our heart-fields, we will naturally take inspired action. Repeat the command deeply and powerfully, and keep coming back to do the same.