Saturday, June 23, 2018

Money in multiple avalanches of joy

Money cascades into my life now in multiple avalanches of joy - and from all directions. 

This is a simple, potent affirmation that carries a specific truth. If we can get this affirmation deeply lodged in our cells, heart, mind, and body - then we can begin to experience a greater variety of abundance flow in our lives.

For example, if we were expecting to make money one way, and for some reason or the other it doesn't work out, we can affirm that money is coming to us from all directions. All directions. That means that the universe is not limited in how the money flows.

That is what happened to me lately. I was wanting to get a gig, and it didn't work out. As it wasn't working out, I was immediately affirming that the money will come from some other direction, some other source. And it did.

Another great aspect of this affirmation, is the word "joy." When we affirm that money comes to us in joy, and as joy, then it will be vibrating at a higher level of frequency and energy when it comes to us.

So try the above affirmation on. See how it feels.  But for it to work, you really have to repeat it thousands of times with deep penetrating feeling and emotion. That is how our minds work. We are constantly getting bombarded with information, and for something to get in, it has to be repeated with willful persistence.

Then of course there is command #3 of this Mastermind, which is amazing.



copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

I am 100 percent responsible for my life

I am one hundred percent responsible for my life. This means I have the power to change my thoughts, change the images I hold in my mind, change my actions, and change my results. This means I am free. I am one hundred percent responsible for my life.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The power of YES

When it comes to our dreams, goals, and aspirations, there is so much power in the word YES! From a young age we are taught to stay within our boundaries. It is estimated that kids hear the word NO an astonishing 400 times per day. Many of those NO's are spoken to keep us safe, like when we are trying to stick that butter knife in the electric wall outlet. Other than that, we are conditioned to tell ourselves no.

I think it is an inherent brain response to keep us safe from perceived threats. So when we have those impulses, insights, dreams, ideas, and plans to create something, build something, or go somewhere amazing, the brain has a tendency to shut us down.

So, we must change that. I say just start saying YES, YES, YES!, when it comes to our dreams and goals.

Yes, I got this.

Yes, I can do it.

Yes, I deserve it.

Yes, I will have it.

Yes, I am lovable.

Yes, the universe loves me.

Yes, Yes, YES!

So what can you say YES to?

Yes is a great affirmation after an affirmation is spoken.

I am rich beyond all measure, time, and form, yes!

I am divinely prospered, yes!

Drop into the heart-center and feel the word YES with as much passion as possible. Speak it with intensity, power, joy, love, and freedom.



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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Begin from the end result

In Command #7 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind, we begin with the end result of having already reached our financial goals of being philanthropic millionaires who are using our wealth for the greater good. It is like stepping into the future body of ourselves in that future reality, and then stepping back into this body, bringing the future with us. We are literally collapsing time and manifesting this future memory.

As we repeat this command over and over again, we build the image in our hearts and minds of already being there. In the beginning, just like with reading our goal statements morning and evening, it may seem far fetched. But if we keep at it no matter what, we will start to see and feel ourselves in this position of being heart-awakened millionaires who are adding massive value to the world and making the energies of compassion, understanding, love, and peace more visible for the world as well.

We begin from the end result. We start there. We hold the cash in our hearts and minds, create and make it real there, then our outer lives will have no choice but to respond.


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Monday, June 18, 2018

the practice of reading goals morning and evening

There is a very simple practice I am picking up for myself: I intensely read and concentrate upon my goal morning and evening. Once, right before I go to sleep. And another time, right when I wake up. The goal is my last and first thought of the day.

Here is basically how that looks:

1. I read it out-loud while tapping the center of my chest with an open hand. This activates my emotional and energetic enters to communicate it to the subconscious mind.

2. I read it in a whisper.

3. Finally, I read it silently.

Three times.

While I read it, I focus my concentration intensely. It is like a laser beam is shooting out of my forehead as I put all my thought energy into it. I really do my best to turn on my prefrontal cortex and activate my third eye. (this is the spiritual center of energy between the eyebrows but slightly elevated)

Simultaneously, I am also deeply feeling the goal with emotional intensity.

Morning and night. Day in and day out.

In the beginning, repeating a big goal like this may seem like fantasy. However, the infamous Bob Proctor says if you read and repeat a lie enough times, it will become a reality. So, after a few days, nothing may seems to happen. After a few weeks, a person would consider quitting.

But what if a person put in six months to a year of reading their goal morning and evening in this way?

How about 5 years?

The accumulated power of all those repetitions WILL impact and rearrange the subconscious mind. But there has to be a fortitude involved, a tenacity, a willful persistence, or the universe simply will not respond.

This is such a simple, powerful practice. It only takes a few minutes, but the results can be truly life changing.



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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Be and do according to joy

In being fully rooted in the joy of who I am, I dedicate myself to moving into and through this world doing what brings me the most joy. The beingness of joy naturally unfolds into actions that are imbued with joy.

So what is the nature of the joy within me? 

Let me endeavor always to contact this joy, to meditate upon it, and to merge my consciousness with it.

What brings me the most joy?

Let me always ask this question and listen for the answer. Let me find the courage to lean into my highest joy and to act according to this joy, even if it upsets others or disrupts conditioned patterns.


Photo by Niilo Isotalo on Unsplash

Friday, June 15, 2018

The breath opens the flow

The breath opens the flow of energy and love through my mind, body, and emotions. Breathing deeply IN, I consciously open the center of my chest and imagine that all my cells and aroma stretch open as well. Breathing deeply OUT, I relax completely and direct the flow of universal love through my mind and body for the immediate benefit of all life everywhere. I keep breathing continuously, with no pauses between breaths.

I continue to breathe in this way, allowing my breath and my mind to penetrate to the core of Existence, and letting-go, allowing myself to be a channel of energy, light, and love.