Thursday, November 30, 2017

Do I chase money or allow it to flood into my life?

Do I chase money?

Or do I allow money to flood money into my life?

There is a total difference between the above two. There have been times in my life where I literally chase money. This has usually been out of a state of desperation or fear. Invariably, I would find that the more I chase money, the more it eluded me. Like chasing shadows in the fog.

However, when I stopped doing that, and shifted my internal focus from chasing money to allowing money to come to me, then everything changed. The first thing that changed was that more money started showing up. The second thing that changed was my faith and trust in that flow.

When I notice I have reverted back into chasing money, then I simply relax and shift back into a state of allowing.

It really is all about a making an internal decision. It is also about loving myself. If I am loving myself, then I realize on a deep and profound level that I deserve to have money come to me. The love I hold for myself acts as a magnet that draws money and all other forms of abundance to me with ease.

So how about you?

Do you chase money?

How has that worked for you?

Do you allow money to come to you?


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Command #4 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind is the Money Magnetizing command. As we keep working, planting, anchoring, and vibrating this command deep into our heart-centers, bodies, and subconscious minds -- we will more easily get into a state of allowing money to come to us. And not just money! But money that is brimming over with warm light, gratitude, love, and joy. As we continue to receive and give these higher vibrational flows of money, we will be helping to uplift the worlds money supply.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Intentionally burying our intentions into the earth

There is incredible value and power in burying our intentions and goals. I am a great example. There was a time a few years ago where I was having a hard time with overthinking a relationship. It was driving me crazy. I had all kinds of racing thoughts that wouldn't stop.

So I took a drive to the San Luis Valley in Colorado for some relaxation and rest. While I was there, I wrote my intention on a piece of wood and buried it in that rich and vibrant soil. And honestly, within minutes, all the racing thoughts were gone. It is like a switch went off.

Anytime that issue came up since then, I would remind myself that it is under the earth, and not mine to worry about. It totally cured the issue I was having.

I plan on doing that again soon, but this time, with my goals and intentions.

Here is how I plan on doing it:

1. I am going to write my intentions and goals on some organic cotton paper.

2. Then I am going to travel to that same amazing location and dig a nice hole about a foot deep and bury it.

3. As I do, I am going to intentionally give the intention to the Universe.

It's that simple!

Physically burying intentions and goals into the earth is powerfully symbolic of burying those intentions and goals into the subconscious mind. It is a wonderful way to turn things over to the Universe for their effortless manifestation.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

PS ---> Every time we tap our chests and repeat The 8 Commands of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind ---> we are burying them into the soil of our bodies and subconscious minds. This is incredibly beautiful and heart-inspiring work!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The heart-money funnel visualization

This simple visualization can help you attract and channel more money energy through your life that vibrates at the higher rates of love, joy, and gratitude.

It is very simple.

Simply take deep and continuous breaths. Filling your belly and cheat completely on each inhale and emptying your chest and belly on each exhale. As you breathe deeply in this way, center your mind's awareness in the center of your chest.

Then picture in your mind's eye, or simply intend, that money which is vibrating at the frequencies of love, joy, and gratitude is flowing into the center of your back, right behind the center of your chest. See it flowing in like a funnel of energy. You could picture 100 dollar bills, or any other currency, all flooding into the center of your back, through your heart-center, through your hands, through your mind, and through all your bank accounts.

As you breathe -- keep picturing, feeling, and intending that this funnel of love-joy-gratitude vibrating money is flooding into and through your chest, mind, hands, and bank accounts.

You could add in an affirmation like this one:

Increasing waves of joy-rich money just keeps flooding into and through my life -- from expected and unexpected directions -- even as I sleep. It is wonderful!

I recommend that you do a good 10 minutes of breathing money through your life in this way -- and do it every day -- for at least 30 days to prime your system. The idea is to get the visualization deeply planted into your nervous system and subconscious mind, so that your subconscious mind just keeps attracting these high vibrational flows of money into your life.

Do you like this visualization?

Have you tried it out?

Are you consistent with it?

Have your own money visualizations you would like to share?


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Command #4 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind is a program for the subconscious mind and heart-field. As more and more of us tap our chests and repeat, feel, and vibrate this command from deep inside our consciousness -- we are literally creating a new economy that is rooted in the frequencies of love, joy, and gratitude. That means all the money flowing into and through our lives are brimming over with these higher vibrations -- which helps create more compassion in the world economy. Energy is everything, and intention is the catalyst for increasing the vibratory rate of money in this world.

Feel free to join this global mastermind of the heart anytime you wish. Today, tomorrow, or whenever -- but in the meantime, keep doing this money funnel meditation and let me know how you like it!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Intention - Participation - Allowing - Manifestation

Intention ---> Participation ---> Allowing ---> Manifestation. (IPAM)

The above progression represents a relaxed way to manifest anything our heart desires.

Intention is when we cast our thoughts with deliberate focus onto the web of energy and information in the universe.

It is is my sacred intention that_________________.

In the holy name of love I intend___________________.

Write your intention and deliberately place them into the universe by dropping them into the swirling vortex of your heart-field.  As you state your intention, tap your chest, and believe with all your heart and soul that your intention is cast into the Divine Universe.

Participation is when we get up, show up, and move our feet. The universe will only work through us, and will not deliver breakfast in bed. We need to participate. We need to act. To innovate. Write. Take leaps. Shake hands. Give hugs. Step forward. Anything that is required of us to participate in the unfoldment of our intention into reality -- we need to be prepared to do.

Allowing is when we love ourselves enough to let-go, believe that we deserve it, and trust that the universe is always working for our highest benefit and good. We allow all our good to come to us. So often, we set good intentions, but then our beliefs and blocks get in the way. That old conditioning tells us we don't deserve it. So allowing means we simply believe that we deserve everything, and let-go, giving the universe a chance to deliver.

Manifestation is when we see everything we intend unfold with perfection in our lives. It is a beautiful and magical process. As this happens, it is really important to continue to allow, participate, and reaffirm our intentions.

Feel free to use this simple four step method to manifest anything in your life that you desire. What would you like to manifest? Are you willing to write it out as an intention? To then participate in the dance of creation as the universe works through you? Then love yourself enough to allow it all to come through? And then to see it all manifest?


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

The 8 Commands of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind are themselves intentions that we energetically anchor inside our hearts. They involve the principles of Universal Oneness, Self-Love, Supreme Gratitude, Money Magnetism, Inspired Creativity, Relaxed Action, Millions Manifested, and Planetary Service. Every time you tap them into your chest, you automatically connect with a wider field of thought, energy, and love. Over time, you can literally reshape your entire life in the image of the Heart-Awakened Millionaire that you already are, deep within. It's just a matter of bringing that "you" out into the open.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The 30 Day Self-Love Affirmation Challenge

Welcome to this energetic space of self-love. Feel free to breathe deeply, rhythmically tap the center of your chest with an open hand, and repeat the following self-love affirmations, one after the other in rapid succession. 

You could speak them aloud, in a whisper, or silently. 

As you do, feel into the truth that you are connecting your heart-center with everyone else who are repeating these affirmations -- wherever they might be -- and whenever they might be doing so. Over time, this space and these affirmations will get stronger and stronger.

As The Transcendent Love That I am – I love my whole self unconditionally.

I love myself radically, fiercely, beautifully, and completely.

I wrap myself in the light of love.

I am a warrior of immortal light and love for myself.

As the Infinite Love that I am – I love my whole self unconditionally.

I love myself from the causal level of reality.

I deeply and beautifully love every cell and atom of my body.

I sincerely love all my tissues and organs.

I am a beautiful being of blissful light, and I love all of me.

I breathe spiritual light into my brain now.

Every day in every single way, I love myself more and more.

I am committed to taking good and loving care of my body and mind.

I am love, lovable, and loving.

I flood myself with kindness and compassion.

I feed myself emotional love from the source of infinite light within me.

I wholly and completely love myself.

I wrap my spiritual arms of immortal light around my inner child.

I nurture and support my inner child now.

I gently hold myself as an infant child, and wrap my baby self in pure light now.

I now enfold all moments and memories of my childhood in the light of love.

Every day, I care for, play with, and nurture the younger me living inside my body.

I breathe my heart into the universe, and cascade love into my body and mind now.

Like a waterfall that never ends, I shower myself in pure spiritual light.

I breathe open my transcendent heart of love, and I love others as myself.

The love I give myself grows as beautiful flowers in the hearts of others

I open my heart now to fully receive the unconditional love I give myself.

I love my eyes and face and mouth with the energy of pure light.

I love my every old wound, trauma, and hurt with the power of spiritual love.

I now hug my body with a wider and wider circle of energy light and love.

All my unconscious cellular memories – I now usher into the resplendent light of my heart.

I radically and unconditionally forgive myself now.

I give myself permission now to fall more spiritually in love with me.

I am a delightful, beautiful, and loving human being.

I celebrate who I am.

I accept all parts of me with unconditional self-compassion.

It is safe for me to be vulnerable with someone I love and trust.

I trust the energy of love.

I am safe in the light of this eternal now of pure love.

I wrap all my seeming failures in the sweet light of self-kindness.

I flood all my human flaws with the rushing waters of love.

I am okay just as I am – and I love myself for being me.

I deserve to be loved wholly, completely, and unconditionally.

My own sweet, soft, eternal love is my own safe place to land.

I smile eternal light into my every cell and atom.

I cherish and savor the sweet joy of my own existence.

I am grateful to be alive – and to love myself even more now.

As I love myself, I love the Divine that dwells within me.

I love myself as a direct and immediate way to love others.

I love others as myself – and I love myself in others.

With my every deep and delicious breath – my beautiful heart gets wider and brighter.

I now turn the light of my smile inward upon myself.

I give myself permission to receive the healing power of my own love.

I am the light of love – I am the joy of love – I am the freedom of love.

I surrender my thoughts into the fire of love in the center of my chest.

As I drop my awareness into love – I completely let go.

I joyously release all parts of me into the freedom of love.

I am love and I have always been free.

I accept myself wholly and absolutely.

Immersed in this eternal now – I bathe all moments of my life in love.

I deserve, demand, and experience loving, joyous relationships.

In relationships I feel and say, I love myself, I love you, I love myself, I love you.

I love the divinity in others as a way to honor and love my own.

In the energetic space of all my relationships, I love myself even deeper.

I love myself in the loving presence of others.

I accept pure love from another as way to love myself.

As a wave on the ocean of love, I love my body mind and soul unconditionally.

I deserve to be loved without condition – and I accept and receive that love now.

I trust the energy of pure love as it flows through the heart of another and into me.

It is physically and spiritually safe to love and be loved in return.

With all my breath, heart, and energy – I absolutely love every last part of me.

I am a beautiful human and spiritual being – and I truly adore who I am.

One with this Divine Universe – I shower my whole being in pure love now.

I superconsciously flood my subconscious mind with love now.

I wrap all my unconscious shadows in the energy of unconditional forgiveness.

I deeply and eternally forgive myself on the subatomic level of my being.

I give myself the gift of free and flowing laughter every day.

I love myself with the energy and light of ever new joy.

I am a giver of love, light, laughter, and joy.

I gladly receive the love I compassionately give.

I give the love I receive, and witness the exponential increase of love.

I am a clear channel through which love freely flows.

I let go into the embrace of my own arms of light.

I deeply hug all parts of myself every day.

I now give my body the energy of unconditional peace.

Peace to my belly – peace to my heart – peace to my body – peace to my mind.

I deserve demand and experience peace of mind, heart, and soul.

Peace for myself is my eternal now choice.

I love myself by thinking and feeling peace.

With my every deep breath, I give myself the gift of deep peace.

Wrapped in the universal light of now, I madly love my whole being.

I love, respect, and deeply care for my physical body more and more.

I ingest foods that I first saturate with the light and love of my heart and soul.

I chew, swallow, and digest thoughts of deep and sincere love for myself.

I bathe all parts of my body, inside and out, with gentle joyous love.

I cherish and adore every last molecule, cell, and atom of my body now.

As I love myself, I am loved by all.

As I love the all, I love myself.

As I breathe love deep into my cells, I draw greater abundance to me now.

Yes, I most certainly enjoy massive love, massive joy, and massive abundance.

I am one with all love in the universe, and I love myself unconditionally now.

I honor my voice, and I give myself space to be heard.

I deeply appreciate what I have to express to the world.

My voice has tremendous value, and I let myself be heard.

Deeper and deeper, I love my voice.

Every day in every way, my voice of love and joy gets stronger and stronger.

With my breath of pure light – I wholly and deeply love all parts of me now.

Here is the 30 day challenge:

1. Come back every day for 30 days and repeat them in the same way -- all as you tap your chest.

2. You can breathe the affirmations in this way: simply take super deep, rapid, and continuous breaths as you read and speak the affirmations silently from the heart.

3. Every day -- Write down something you love about yourself, something you are grateful about yourself, or something you believe in about yourself. 

It's that simple. Self-Love will totally change your life. Look at Louise Hay, she built an empire on the solid framework of self-love. In fact, without loving yourself, nothing you ever intend for yourself will manifest.

Let me know in the comments below if you choose to do the challenge.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

P.S. ---> Command #2 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind and of The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind both contain a powerful method of breathing the energy of pure love through your cells and atoms. Each time you open your heart and breath the energy of love through your mind and body -- you are connecting with the greater field of love that we are building together.

P.S. ---> Below is a link to purchase the above self-love affirmations audios. Make it a 90 day challenge if you want! You can connect with me and repeat them to yourself with my professionally produced audios:

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Be sincere and the universe will listen

Sincerity is the door that unlocks the universe enfolded within the human chest. Sincerity is the pathway from the intellectual perch of the brain to the rich fertile soil of the heart.

Sincerity is the direct path to the life of an open heart.

In working with affirmations, commands, visions, or goal statements -- sincerity is the secret ingredient to success.

If I am sincere in my affirmation of a reality -- if I am anchored in the center of emotion within my chest as I speak it -- then that statement will get communicated and planted into the subconscious mind.

If I am sincere in my feeling of present-tense gratitude that a future desired result is my reality now -- then again -- the subconscious mind will receive that input as true. Then my body will vibrate at that specific level and the universe will then deliver the result (in time of course).

If I am sincere in my heart when I look in the mirror and honor my successes for the day -- then my inner self will listen and respond with more favorable feelings.

So as I tapped my chest this morning and spoke Command #1 from my heart, I dropped into a deeply open and sincere place in my heart-field. I really felt the statement. I absorbed it deeply. It felt really good.

Sincerity is emotion.

Sincerity is innocence.

Sincerity is everything.

Whatever your plans, dreams, designs, goals, or aspirations are -- it is a great practice to get real. Be sincere and the Universe will listen. With yourself. With others. And be yourself -- your total sincere self that rests in the open and vulnerable part of your heart -- not in the confusing labyrinth of the intellect.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

As we speak The 8 Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire from the center of spiritualized emotional sincerity from the center of our hearts -- we are magnetizing them with even more power and joy and energy for the next person to come along and repeat them. Over time, they are helping to uplift the global economy -- heart to heart.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Releasing resistance and allowing success

Resistance is the biggest obstacle to success and the biggest block to the flow of abundance.

Before I say anything further, I would highly recommend the book, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. This book literally says it all about the nasty monster called Resistance that lays in wait for us to set our most lofty goals and strike our upon our journey to manifest our highest visions. It is a relentless foe.

The way resistance shows up for me is emotional withdrawal. I isolate and hide inside myself. And when opportunities arise for connection, I often shrink. It also shows up as a feeling of not deserving to experience true success, fulfillment, and happiness.

In the past 3 weeks, that creepy feeling has risen up. When success starts to come in greater measure, I have felt some emotional panic.

Below is a statement that we can use to open up the emotional reality of deserving success and feeling truly worthy of abundance and happiness. I suggest that you tap your chest in a gentle, rhythmic way with an open hand as you repeat the statement slowly, methodically, and with deep feeling. Feel into the truth that you are masterminding on the level of the heart with everyone who is repeating this statement as well:

I now widen my heart and allow more success, happiness, abundance, connection, and fulfillment to flow into my life. I open my chest a little more now to the truth that I deserve to succeed. I deserve to connect. I deserve overflowing joy. I deserve all the abundance I intend for myself and more. I deserve to contribute in joyous and miraculous ways to the greater good. 

I allow myself to experience my own true magnificent life. I let-go, and let it happen. As I tap my chest, I connect on a deep, heart-centered level with everyone repeating this statement with me now -- and I am grateful. It is so.

Do this several times.

As you do, you are planting a program in your subconscious mind that counteracts the programs of unworthiness and apathy that may be stored there.

For me, the biggest manifestation of resistance is a feeling that I don't really deserve to have what I want, so why try. It is giving up before I start. This has been an emotional plague for me. And it ends now.

In the holy sacred name of love, I am committed to letting this program die. Right here and now, I can release it.

And you can too.



The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind contains 8 Programs, or Commands, to rewrite our subconscious minds. The idea is to get them so deeply lodged in our feeling centers, in our cells, our atoms, our hearts, and our minds -- that we literally become them. These programs are Oneness, Self-Love, Gratitude, Money Magnetism, Creative Flow, Inspired Action, Millions Manifested, and Money as Service.

In a nutshell.

Should you choose to join us -- then every time you tap your sacred chest and repeat any of the commands -- you are automatically connected within the energy of love in which all the commands are commingled.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

COMMAND #1 -- The Unfolding Universe Command

Milestone complete!

I am so happy and grateful that I have made it to day 100 without missing a day of writing on this blog and sharing my thoughts, my love, my heart, my book, and my insights with the world. I totally honor, love, and appreciate myself to making this commitment and then following through every single day. I haven't given up.

I don't plan to.

This morning, I was repeating Command #1 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind:

In the Infinite Beingness that I am -- this entire universe of joy, love, energy, and abundance is unfolding through me -- right here and now. I am truly rich within and beyond all measure, time, and form.

And I came up with a new twist on using the breath to anchor it into the chest and body....

Simply take deep and continuous breaths while you simultaneously and rhythmically tap the center of your chest with an open hand. As you do both of these, silently repeat, feel, and vibrate the above command over and over again. Do at least 12 repetitions in this way. Keep sinking your point of focus to the center of your chest and repeat the command from there.

The combination of 1) chest tapping, 2) deep breathing, and 3) silently repeating the command -- all will send a deep and potent signal to the subconscious mind to accept the statement as truth.

The above command is infused with the highest vibration of pure life force energy, with love, for the benefit of everyone who repeats it. So every time you repeat it, feel it, and anchor it inside you -- you are receiving this high charge of pure awakened love for your highest good.

It is also a heart-field connector.

Every time you repeat it -- you are connecting with everyone else who repeats it as well. As more and more hearts connect -- a larger heart-vortex of pure energy will continue to grow around the planet.

In fact, if you can truly GET the above command, then getting the book won't be necessary. Because if you fully awaken to the truth that is embedded within this statement -- and I mean really awaken to this truth on a cellular, gut, emotional, and spiritual level -- then all the other commands are already manifest.

Then you can get the book if you truly want to have the other 7 commands -- but again, this command -- all by itself -- is truly amazing in its ability to awaken the universe of abundance inside you.

But in the meantime, simply start repeating the above command with all your heart, all your strength, and all your passion. Repeat it 12 times in the morning, 12 times in the afternoon, and 12 times in the evening, for 12 days. See how you feel. See if your energy levels are rising. See how joyous you feel. See if any shifts start taking place.

Here it is again so you won't have to scroll up:

In the Infinite Beingness that I am -- this entire universe of joy, love, energy, and abundance is unfolding through me -- right here and now. I am truly rich within and beyond all measure, time, and form.

After 12 days, see if you feel more naturally wealthy and rich in ways that both include material forms and transcend them as well.

Let me know in the comment section below how you like this potent command.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

All 8 Commands of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind are potent connectors for human beings to anchor and live a life of true, awakened, giving, and loving abundance. Some of us choose to use these commands to become millionaires -- or even billionaires -- and others choose to use them to manifest lesser amounts of abundance. The number amount doesn't matter so much as the love we pour into our work, our endeavors, our companies, our books, our teams, our relationships, and our world.

Take this 1st command and run with it. Then you can feel into whether you want to get the book and work with the other 7 commands.

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