Thursday, January 4, 2018

12 deep breaths heighten my vibration

12 deep breaths heighten my vibration.

If I am feeling tired, cranky, disturbed, angry -- or whatever -- if I stop and take 12 deep continuous breaths, one after the other, I find myself invariably feeling better, smiling, and my heart is vibrating at a higher frequency.

Once my vibration is heightened to higher levels of love, joy, and gratitude -- then I am must less mentally hostile and judgmental toward my fellow human beings. I can let things slide off me a lot more, and not as easily irritated.

However, for me, the dense and heavy vibrations have a strong pull. So I need to do the 12 breath method pretty often. Especially when I have had less sleep, my mental immune system is weak and more susceptible to being dragged down into the dumps. Today has been one of those days. I am readjusting to getting up early, so I have been quite sleepy today. I have had to use this 12 breath method quite a few times.

I want to explain it again, for myself mostly:

12 deep breaths is simple. Inhale a deep scoop of air, filling both your belly and your chest completely, to the count of about 3 seconds -- and immediately exhale, emptying your lungs completely, to about the same count. Then immediately breathe in again, and repeat. The in and out breaths should be like an unbroken circle for the 12 breaths.

When finished, center your awareness into the center of your chest, into your heart-field, and notice what you feel. Scan your body, feel whatever it is you are feeling. Tap into love and gratitude. Reset your intention. Move forward.

I find that my level of being irritated, annoyed, and impatient goes way down after I do these 12 breaths. Probably down from 80 or 90 percent to around 10 or 20 percent. The problem with me, is the needle starts going back up with time.

How about you?

How could taking 12 deep breaths multiple times per day improve your life?

Are you a deep breather?

Wha breathing methods do you enjoy?


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

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