Sunday, January 7, 2018

Celebrating my progress

I was not sure what to write about today, so I decided to just hit several topics.

One -- I have really struggled to get my diet and my health in order. This post was my last great attempt to get my shit together, but I have not given up. Now, I am doing the eating schedule that has worked the most for me in the past. I got this incredible blender, and I am blending raw green veggies into a smoothie, and drinking that during the day. Then I eat solid food from 4 to 9. So it is a modified daily fast from 9 pm to 4 pm the next day. I really love the convenience and speed of blending my vegetables rather than eating them.

It takes less time, and the nutritional benefits are greater.

I am feeling enormously energized and excited from my blended concoctions every day, and I am feeling healthier and lighter by the day.

In short, it is working. I can see myself doing this long term.

Two -- I am beginning to focus more on activating my third eye (prefrontal cortex) as well as my heart-field in communicating the commands to my subconscious mind. This means that I put all my mental energy into the front part of my brain, and burn my mind into the space between my eyebrows but slightly elevated. From this point, I deeply and passionately repeat a command, and then move down to my chest and repeat it from there as well. Here is my blog post on my sister blog about this topic.

Three -- Lots of emotional pain and sadness is coming up to process. Yesterday and the day before, I got hammered with all kinds of sadness, grief, and anger. I really believe if I am not feeling something, then I am not doing my job. The 8 commands of both masterminds are being implanted deeply into my mind and body -- and as a result -- other stuff must come to the surface. I commit to accepting, embracing, and loving all emotions.

So that is my post for this Sunday.

Celebrating my progress.


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