Wednesday, January 10, 2018

effortlessness, relaxation, and trust

There is tremendous manifesting and magical power in remaining in a state of relaxed effortlessness. With too much trying and pushing, we can forget to allow and witness. This requires a willingness to let-go of the ego burden of feeling like we have to do everything ourselves.

If I have to do everything, then I am putting too much weight on my shoulders, and then when it doesn't work out as I designed it to, then I have ample reason to beat myself up. However, if I have an intention, and I release it into the inner web of universal energy, let-go, and then remain receptive as to the next right thing to do -- then I am in a state of co-creation with the universe.

So the question becomes --- am I willing to relax my grip on control? Am I willing to rest in the innate freedom of my infinite beingness and allow my intentions to unfold and manifest like a flower blossoming in the sunlight?

For many of us, trying to control is easier than letting-go. We feel that if we try to grip the steering wheel of the universe, we can be safe, predictable, and get things done "our" way. But letting-go means we have to let-go of that steering wheel and trust. This is harder.

Today, my intention is to relax and let-go. My intention is to receive all the love, energy, creative ideas, abundance, and joy that the universe offers me. My intention is to smile and send silent waves of kindness to everyone I meet. My intention is to get into the flow of the universal creative power, get into alignment with it, and to witness all my visions come true.

Here is a simple heart-command-statement that can help:

Today, I relax and let-go. I trust that the universe knows exactly how to manifest everything I desire. I commit to letting it all unfold according to perfect, divine order. And I am grateful.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

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