Monday, January 8, 2018

I am perfect health

I am working on regaining a stronger physical body, because without the health to enjoy our abundance, then we are indeed poor. As I am now past the 50 year mark, I am beginning to feel the weight of time, and really want to take my health to the next level. I am drinking raw green veggie smoothies during the day, and eating one good meal at night. My energy levels are increasing.

Here is a simply heart-tap that can help us awaken into even more to the inherent blueprint of perfect health within us. Repeat it at least three times with feeling and passion as you gently and rhythmically tap the center of your chest in a drum-like manner:

I am perfect health -- I am radiant light. My cells and atoms are harmonized and awake in wholeness. My body is a wellspring of health, joy, and peace. All is well within me, and I am so grateful.

Even better, hold the intention that your heart-field is connecting with the heart-fields of everyone else who is repeating this command in any moment of time. As more and more of us repeat this simple phrase, and allow it to soak like rain into the soil of our subconscious minds, it will become even more potent for all of us.

If you can repeat the above heart-command with enough passion, and repeat it at spaced intervals throughout the day, and do it over a long enough time, your subconscious mind will accept it as true. That is what is so amazing about heart-centered masterminding.


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