Thursday, January 11, 2018

Using sacred sound to release intentions into the Universe

There is a powerful sound that you can use to release and impress your desires into the universal substance, the quantum field of the universe. This sound method was inspired by Wayne Dyer's Getting in the Gap. Dr. Dyer talks about toning the sound of God, which is aaaaah.

One sound that I really love to tone is:

Rama (Pronounced --- Rahhh-maahh) It has the aaaaahhh contained within it, and comes into two stages.

Here is how I use the above sound:

1. Begin to tone aloud the above sound over and over again. Rahh-maah. Really stretch out the sound.

2. Then drop into your chest and tone and broadcast the sound from that space of feeling and vibration.

3. As you continue to tone the sound of Rama, drop your visions, intentions, or goals onto the currents of that sound. Keep visualizing yourself having already reached, manifested, achieved, or realized whatever it is you desire.

4. So really, the pivot is shifting from toning the sound with your voice and throat, to toning the sound with your heart-field. You still use your voice, but the vibration and consciousness of that sound is flowing out from the chest, carrying your fully realized intention, goal, or vision into the universe.

5. Go from toning the sound aloud, to toning the sound in a whisper, to fully broadcasting the sound through the heart-field on a silent level.

6. You can do a ten minute sound meditation, with two to three minutes of out-loud toning, two to three minutes of whisper toning, ending up with totally silent toning -- where you literally feel the silent sound of Rama flowing out of your chest. You can also do a 20 or 30 minutes meditation in the same pattern.

That is the basic method. The idea is to get into a beautiful state of communion with the Divine Universe, where you are toning the sound with the voice of feeling and vibration in your chest, and also dropping your intentions, goals, and visions onto that sound -- to where the entire universe is receiving the call of your heart.

Let me know how you like it.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

Using sound can also help to manifest and realize the truth within each of the 8 Sacred Commands of both The Heart-Inspired Millionaire and The Love-Awakening energetic masterminds. Using sound is not a component within either book, so consider this blog post an added method you can use to compliment them.

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