Thursday, February 1, 2018

#1 - The Unfolding Universe Command

In the Infinite Beingness that I AM - this entire universe of joy, love, energy, and abundance is unfolding through me - right here and now. I am truly rich within and beyond all measure time and form.

This is the 1st command of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire. If you can internalize and live the truth of this one, then the rest of the commands aren't necessary. They are awesome, and you can get ahold of them if you want, but this command is the foundation.

The practice is to repeat it daily, passionately, persistently -- anchoring it inside the chest, body, and subconscious mind. The practice is to *GET* this command on the deepest regions of our bellies and bones.

Try repeating the above command with as much passion in your voice, 12 times in a row. Make your body shake with the truth of what you are speaking.

Then keep coming back with a tenacious persistence to get it anchored into your deepest mind.

This command contains the fully realized energetic signature of wealth consciousness. It points to the goldmine that we are sitting upon: the unfolding universe within and through us. We contain the Divine.

We contain the Universe.

It is all inside us, and as we tap our chests and feel this command being spoken from the energetic center of our heart-fields -- and do so in spiritual connection with everyone else doing the same thing -- then we are rewiring our deepest consciousness to reflect that unlimited state of abundance.

We are unlimited abundance. We are endless wealth. We are unstoppable love.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

I am going to start simply sharing everything I can about these commands -- and you can get the book only if you feel like you want to have one to carry around and refer to. It is an awesome manual -- but simply being here on this blog is enough for now.

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