Saturday, February 3, 2018

#3 - The Gratitude Relaxation and Freedom Command

Every day in every way, I embody the consciousness of ever-increasing gratitude - and I now relax, let-go, and rest in the freedom of who I am.

This is the Gratitude, Relaxation, and Freedom Command. The intention behind this command is to embody the energy and consciousness of gratitude in all our waking, sleeping, and dreaming moments -- and to be able to relax and tap into our native state of freedom anytime we choose.

The energetic signatures within this command are gratitude, releasing, letting-go, relaxation, and inner freedom. As we set out to make a difference, to manifest our clearest visions, and to see our highest aspirations and goals become manifest -- it is so important to completely let-go. To tap into our innate state of total freedom, and to be so incredibly grateful for literally everything in our lives.

The gratitude is the magnet that makes everything work. As you tap this command into your chest, body, and subconscious mind -- then the practice of gratitude will become much more efficient, effortless, and easy. Of course, we still need to practice gratitude by consciously naming what we are grateful for, gratitude journaling, etc. -- but with this command operating silently in the background -- we will find that process to be much more enjoyable.


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