Friday, February 9, 2018

A new book on the horizon: Millions Manifested

I am in the process of writing a deeper book about the 7th Command -- The Millions Manifested Command. The purpose of this blog post is to map out a general, tentative process:

It will come in a daily process of:

  • Heart-tapping the 7th command 24 to 48 times, 
  • Hand-writing the command, action steps, inspirations, and gratitude in a personal journal, 
  • Breathing meditation and visualization, and...
  • A new heart-tapping, heart-activating intention each day (there will be 24 that we cycle through again and again.) These heart-intentions will be to help facilitate inner processes that will help us open to receive, have, enjoy, and give money in more aligned, clear, and beautiful ways.
The idea is to drop and anchor the future memory command (#7) of this mastermind as a daily practice, really deepening it into the chest and mind -- while heart-tapping a new intention each day. Then to do both over the course of a year, and even beyond. There is so much quick-fix mentality in the world, that very little is spoken of about patience, persistence, and tenacity.

The key to success is spaced repetition of this potent command, coming back again and again, and then cycling through all 24 heart-activating intentions over and over. Over the course of this year and beyond, the heart and mind will be reprogrammed, rewired, expanded, and conditioned to literally breathe millions of joy-rich dollars through our lives to serve the greater good.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

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