Monday, February 12, 2018

The creative power of the breath

With my every deep inhaling and exhaling breath, I draw forth unlimited energy, love, joy, and abundance through my heart, mind, and life.

The breath is life.

The breath is creative pulsating joyous life.

The breath is intimately interwoven into the Grand Tapestry of All That Is. And we can use our breath in an intentional way to channel unlimited health, joy, love, abundance, and even money through our lives.

Just read the above statement over and over again as you take deep, long, inhaling and exhaling breaths. Then simply imagine that what you want is flowing in through your chest, through your back body, through your life, through your experience, your relationships. Your breath is pulling life force in all shapes, sizes, and forms through your life.

Then work on widening the inner channel. Make yourself bigger on the inside so more can manifest on the outside.

Your breath is like the sun shining through every morsel of your beings -- clearing out old stagnating energy -- and bringing in new, clear, and fresh energy. This energy will manifest anything you want, anything at all, if you are willing to amp up your faith muscles and know how truly one you are with everything in the universe.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles


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