Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Concentrate the heart's energy into the third eye

I discuss the heart-field, the intuitive energetic heart, the heart-chakra, and all things related to the heart in this blog and in my books. However, this does not mean that the power to concentrate does not have its place.

I really love the practice of flooding heart energy through the third eye and also concentrating the energy there. Here is how to do this:

Take several deep breaths, opening the chest on each inhale and relaxing the body on each exhale. 

With each exhale, intend and imagine that your heart-energy floods upward, into and through the space between your eyebrows, but slightly elevated. This is the third eye, or the spiritual center, as the eastern mystics call it.

Then burn affirmations or heart-commands into your third eye. See them written there. See their energetic truth anchored there. Really burn your awareness into your third eye.

As you continue to breathe and pour your heart-energy (love) into your third eye, that energy is being infused into the affirmations and commands that you are repeating.  The third eye is also then communicating that affirmation back to the heart-field and into the subconscious mind.

In this way, the heart energy is flowing up into the brain, and supporting it to function at higher and higher levels of genius, creativity, and joy.

You can then reverse it and flood energy from your third eye into your heart-field.

The truth is that there is a beautiful symbiotic connection and relationship between the energy of the heart and the energy of the mind, between our wisdom and our devotion, between our emotion and our thoughts.

Try this method and discover for yourself how amazingly energizing it is.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

You can also try the above method with any of the commands and affirmations in these two books:

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