Saturday, March 3, 2018

For every one book sold, a tree is planted

I am so happy and grateful that for every book I sell, whether it is The Heart-Inspired Millionaire or the Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind, one tree is planted.

I am amazed when I walk into a book store like Barnes and Noble, and see the sheer volume of books. There are so many books in the world. What would happen if authors and publishers donated one dollar for every book that they sell to plant a tree in a part of the world that needs to be reforested? What kind of impact could authors and publishers have on helping to mitigate climate change?

Even the big authors and the best-sellers, if they donated a quarter or fifty cents from the sale of every book to reforestation, then we could see a major positive impact on the world. Then what would happen if multiple authors all joined together and made the same pledge? Literally hundreds of millions of trees could be planted in a decade.

The experts agree that the planting of trees is a major positive step that we can all contribute to.

We take the life of trees so we can have paper to write on, read from, and use for our benefit. Why not give back and plant some more each time one of our books sell? Compare one book to one tree. For just one dollar, you are giving back way more than you have taken.

So I urge authors and publishers to give back to the planet each time a book is sold.

Are you a self-published author? Are you willing to make a similar pledge?

Click HERE to go to where you can pledge any amount of money to reforestation projects around the world.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

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