Thursday, March 1, 2018

I am pure spirit

I am not my accomplishments, my possessions, or my social standing. I am pure spirit encased temporarily in human form. I am infinite beingness and infinite joy. I am infinite love and infinite peace. All is well, and I am grateful.

When I get all wrapped up in identifying with my accomplishments, possessions, or social standing -- it feels really good to realign myself with spirit. The whole point of my work is to align material pursuits with spiritual goals, to put the manifestation of money and abundance in alignment with spiritual growth and expansion. We don't have to choose between material and spiritual wealth. We can have both.

As infinite spiritual beings, we contain the whole universe. As Rumi said, "We are not a drop in the ocean, we are the ocean in a drop." And with our continued persistence over time, we can begin to feel how spiritually wealthy we really are. Command #1 helps beautifully with this:

As an Infinite Spiritual Being -- this entire universe of joy, love, energy, and abundance is unfolding through me -- right here and now. I am truly rich within and beyond all measure, time and form.

We are rich within form, within the world, and we are rich beyond all form, and beyond the world. Our wealth is limitless. It is time that we come to know this, to feel it, and to live it.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

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