Thursday, March 8, 2018

Using money to increase the abundance of peace, love, and compassion

How could I use money to increase the energies of love, peace, and compassion on this planet?

The proper place of money is to be in our service, doing our will to increase the powers of peace, love, justice, freedom, and abundance for all life on earth. The above question is designed to point the mind to how you can use the money that you have to increase the energy of peace on this planet.

Money is an energetic chameleon, taking on the vibrations of those it passes through. It can either be used for good or ill, for service or for taking, to increase the love on this planet or to increase the fear.

It is totally our choice. So just by asking this question, we are directing our minds to how we can use our financial resources to increase the energies of love, peace, and compassion around the world.

Then, when we release the money, we are releasing the intention of making the world a better place.

The 8th Command of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind is also a very potent command of the heart to use money to increase the abundance of pure love in this world:

I release money vibrating in love to devotionally serve the awakening of greater peace, freedom, abundance, and compassion everywhere - and to serve the earth, every form of life, and nature in the highest, most beautiful way possible.

You can tap your chest and repeat the above command with passionate intensity right before you release money to pay bills, make deposits, or give to your favorite cause. In the end, we are empty vessels of unlimited abundance - and when we leave our bodies and plunge into spirit, we will take only the love we have given away.

This will also release this intention into the flow of money around the world.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind (to channel high vibrational flows of ever-increasing money for the greater good)

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind (to awaken our cells to the radiant wholeness of universal love for increased joy, passion, and connection)

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