Monday, April 30, 2018

I trust the river

The bed of the riverbed is an example of perfect trust. It doesn’t wonder if the water will flow, or when, or how much. It just sits quietly and allows the water to flow through its empty spaces. I am feeling like the bed of a river. I am in more and more of a trusting state of mind. Money, energy, love, ideas, joy, enthusiasm — it all flows through me at the perfect time. This is especially true when I am working to refine and clarify my internal channel through which the abundance of the universe flows. 

I trust that the river of divine abundance flows through me in perfect harmony.

I am one with the river of universal wealth.

Every day, in every way, my trust increases.

I am loved.

All that I need and more is already present.

Thank you.



Sunday, April 29, 2018

A sign that affirmations are working

The surest sign that affirmations are working is if I am feeling uncomfortable, or if painful emotions are arising. I have been doing some intense affirmations from the heart lately, and I am feeling some deep sadness getting unearthed. Grief as well. This is because the affirmation is being planted in my chest and body, and it cannot co-exist with the unhealthy thought patterns and emotions that are present in my subconscious.

So if I feel like sh*t on a spoon, fantastic!

That means it is working.

It is moving stuff around, rearranging the internal furniture.

So I will keep on affirming, I will keep on, keeping on.



Saturday, April 28, 2018

Thank you

I close my eyes and send a deep, sincere, and heart-felt thank you into my chest cavity, and onward to all the corners of the universe. May every atom in the universe feel the waves of my thanks, my gratitude, my joy, and my love. 

Simply saying thank you is the simplest, most profound way to amp up the flow of genuine, life-affirming abundance through my heart, mind, and life. I am so grateful for the gift of life, for the gift of my children, for the gift of air that I breathe, the food that I eat, the water I drink, and the ground that I walk upon.

Life is good. All of it. Good.

This is my message to myself, this blog, and the world today.



Friday, April 27, 2018

A 24 hour intensive is coming up

Next week, on Thursday May 3, 2018 at 6pm to Friday May 4, 2018 at 6pm - I am going to continuously repeat a command and affirmation to help awaken the energy and consciousness of pure love from within the depths of my cells and atoms. 

I am always doing this. Setting some intense spiritual challenge, and then going for it. Much of the reason I am doing this, is because of pain. Life has been really hard lately, and I know I can do better, be better, and live more fully the energy of love. I am wanting to purge a lot of anxiety, anger, frustration, and stress from my system.

For the 24 hours, I will completely cut myself off from internet, Netflix, streaming, texting, social media, etc. I will repeat, feel, and think the command only during this period. I will avoid sleep as much as possible. I will intensely feel this command from the core of my heart-field and deeper. 

I am excited about this.

I am going to drive for two days to get to the place where I will do it. Which I am looking forward to. On the drive there, I am going to repeat the command as continuously as possible. On the drive back, I am going to repeat the command as continuously as possible as well.

I had no idea what to write about, so I decided to write about what I am excited about: ego busting by fiercely awakening the love that I am.



Thursday, April 26, 2018

Unlimited Wealth Affirmations

Here are a few affirmations to experience a state of unlimited flow:

I am.

I am unlimited.

Unlimited abundance is mine.

My nature is unlimited abundance.

The kingdom of all wealth is within me.

I am one with the Source of All Giving Supply.

Everything I intend is mine already.

I am a Child of the Infinite.

The river of universal wealth flows directly through my heart-center.

I am grateful for all the good in my life.

I am grateful for all the good on its way into my life.

I am grateful for the gift of life.

I am in the flow of unlimited love, joy, good, and abundance.



Photo Credit: Yun Xu via Unsplash

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Witnessing the flow

I sit by the river of abundance and sink into awe at the magnificence flowing through my life.

Magnificent love.

Magnificent joy.

Magnificent wonder.

Magnificent wealth.

Magnificence itself.

I am so grateful.



Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Doing great - feeling better

I am so grateful that I have stuck with my commitment to write every day on this blog. I feel like I am coming out of the other end. Each day, I am opening my books, taking deep breaths, and reading the commands.

I am feeling the power of building my character - the kind of character that comes form honoring my commitments to myself and powering through my resistance. For weeks now, my enthusiasm has been in the crapper. But I feel the tenticles of renewed faith crawling up from the depths of me, telling me it's okay, encouraging me to march onward and upward.

I still believe in my books, and all belief in myself has not been stripped away by the past month.

Regardless of how I feel, I am committed to continuing this writing journey. The 8 Commands contained in my books are becoming my living reality. Day by day, it is happening.



Monday, April 23, 2018

Contemplating a 24 hr lock in

I am going to pick a time in the near future and repeat an affirmation for 24 continuous hours. The purpose of this inner jaunt is to deeply absorb and make real this affirmation in my chest, mind, and body:

The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.



Sunday, April 22, 2018

This one 30 day commitment

Okay, as an attempt to get myself back on track, I am going to do this for 30 days:

Before bed and upon waking, I am going to take deep breaths and read and affirm the 8 commands of both the Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind and The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind. These commands will be the last thing I think about before falling asleep, and the first thing I see when I wake up.

Hopefully, this will get me out of this quicksand of morose thinking and depression that I have found myself in.

For thirty days, starting today.

I need to get myself back.



Saturday, April 21, 2018

Out at sea

I feel like I am totally out at sea. The boat of self-determination and tenacity got hammered by a huge wave coming out of nowhere. Now, I am clinging to this tiny piece of board. I can barely get myself to write each day, so I scribble a few words on this blog just to tell myself that, for this day only, I did not give up. I didn’t quit. There is a string of daily consecutive posts dating back to August of 2017, and I just don’t want to give up on that. I made a commitment to write every day, and I am now in sheer determination mode. I write on this blog even though, every day for weeks now, I just don’t want to.

This is the worst I have felt in quite awhile. Today, I began a new commitment to practice heart-centered autosuggestion on a daily basis. I am beginning to feel better. 

I will keep going. I will keep writing. I will keep affirming. I will get up every time I fall.



Friday, April 20, 2018

Don’t grasp

It is such a simple concept: don’t grasp. As abundance, good, love, money, comes into my life - I need to relax my grip, open, and be grateful.

If I attach to the flow, or attempt to, then I am restricting it. I am cutting it off out of fear.

Hoarding is the opposite of wealth.

The key is relaxing my mind, my body, opening my heart, and smiling to the universe in awe and joy for all the food that flows through my life.



Thursday, April 19, 2018

Deepen and widen the flow of abundance

Here is a good point I keep reminding myself of: When the flow of abundance is flowing, watch your thoughts. Notice if you start thinking, “oh this is too much, I can’t handle this, I am so stressed, I am too busy,” or any other thought that sends a signal to the Universe to restrict the flow. The main lesson is that the Universe listens and responds to our thoughts.

Instead, take a moment to deepen and widen the flow. Relax, take a few breaths, and use your visual abilities to imagine that the river of abundance gets deeper and wider. Say things like, “thank you, yes, I accept, keep it coming, I am glad, I am so grateful, I can handle this, I got this, etc” so that the Universe gets the proper feedback. Then the abundance can just keep flowing and the river will not drain out.

Simple lesson and note to myself for yet another day.



Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Don’t give up on getting up

In the spirit of offering short, sweet morsels to myself and others on this blog, this message rings true:

Don’t give up on getting up.

Regardless of how many times I fall, fail, stumble, and act out of alignment with my true purpose, may I always get up again each time.

That is one thing that I can say about myself - I really do get back up. And I keep doing so.

So if you have made a mistake, get up.

Get. Back. Up.

If there is breath in your lungs you have a fighting chance.



Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I am the empty vessel - the universe does the work

One of the biggest challenges in manifesting is to get out of the way, to step aside, to become empty, and to realize that it is the Universe who is doing the “doing.”

I am learning. I am realizing this. The more I step aside and do my job (keep my feet moving, my heart open, and the love flowing) hen my intentions and goals manifest much quicker in my life.

I am the empty vessel, and the universe does the work.

A simple truth.

Part of the process is affirming how universally lovable I am, accepting the help, and enjoying my life.



Monday, April 16, 2018

I take time to honor myself for my successes

Even though it has been really tough for me emotionally lately, I do need to take time to honor my success. As hard as it has been, I just keep coming back to this blog, and won’t give up. I totally honor myself for that.

I have repeated the 8 commands with passionate intensity from inside my heart-field thousands of times. I honor myself for that.

I have a more fluid, dynamic, and gratitude-filled relationship with the flow of money and abundance through my life. I honor myself for that.

I have been sober for over 31 years. I honor myself for that.

I have been exercising and doing my best to improve my health. I honor myself for that.

When I make mistakes, I own them.

When I fall down, I get up.

I haven’t given up on myself or my dreams.

I honor myself for that.

As truly hard as it has been lately, I am grateful that I am still here.

How about you?

What can you take the time to honor yourself for?

What are your successes?

We all have failures, got it. But what about all your small victories and successes?



Sunday, April 15, 2018

Love yourself through feeling unlovable

Even though I feel totally unlovable, I seek to love myself anyway. Through all my feelings of sadness, grief, and despair - I seek to love myself wholly and unconditionally. I am unlovable no matter what.

Along the path of awakening, success, freedom, etc -- it is common to run into feelings of despair, sadness, grief. I am running into those feelings now. Really heavy stuff.

All I can do is slog my way through every day. All I can do is be willing to love myself no matter what I am feeling.

Command #2:

I now flood the energy of universal love through my mind and body in all moments. I love myself unconditionally, and I open even deeper now to receive and give this love to all life everywhere.

That is all I got today.



The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

Photo credit: Sencer Yilmaz via Unsplash

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Just keep moving - one step at a time

The whole journey is contained inside the first step. If we can take the first step, then the next one comes into view. And if we take two steps, then the momentum will carry us home.

Right now, I am in the middle of this journey of writing every day. I can honestly say that I am doing everything I can to just keep writing. I feel totally uninspired, unmotivated, and unwilling to write. This is a long stretch through the desert. More than anything, I just want to quit.

Heart-centered autosuggestion. Affirmations. Wealth consciousness. Motivation. Gratitude. 

All of it.

I just don’t want to write about it anymore.

So I will write just one more word.

Take one more step.

I will keep moving.



Friday, April 13, 2018

Allow Abundance

Affirmation and Command of the Heart:

With a glad and open heart - I now joyously allow even more good and even more abundance into and through my life. 

Allowing is a crucial internal state of being. Without it, all the efforts to create and sustain a high flow of abundance will come up short. We must believe that we deserve, and we must allow.

There have been times in my life where the abundance is flowing really strong and swift, and I internally restrict myself. I drop a disempowering thought into the universe, and then the abundance slows down. Lately, I have been noticing these thoughts, and counteracting them with gratitude and allowing.

I am so grateful for this flow. Keep it coming, universe. I can handle it.

Then I relax, open my heart, and simply enjoy the flow of abundance. 

Feel free to repeat the above statement with feeling and passion as you drop your mind’s awareness into the center of your chest. Speak the statement from there... With a glad and open heart - I now joyously allow even more good and even more abundance into and through my life. 

The universe is in a perpetual state of motion and endless giving. It is up to me to allow it all in.



Copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Photo credit: Lachlan Dempsey via 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Money Beyond Belief


My natural state of being is of unlimited abundance. I now cancel, clear, and release all thoughts to the contrary.

This simple statement, dropped into the heart-field, both awakens our natural state of abundance, and releases all the lies and distortions we have held in our subconscious minds that are contrary to that natural state.

Repeat the above statement slowly, with deep feeling, and while tapping the center of your chest with an open hand. Imagine, feel, and intend that the statement drops deep into the emotional center of your heart-field.

Keep coming back to repeat it often. Imagine and feel that your unlimited state of abundance is being revealed to you in every moment.

Money Beyond Belief

To help you even further, Emotional Freedom Techniques can be a very helpful tool. Money Beyond Belief is a program to cancel and clear disempowering money beliefs.



The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

Money Beyond Belief

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More gratitude


I am grateful for the ever-increasing flows of money and abundance that continue to cascade into and through my life.

This affirmation begins with gratitude, and affirms that ever-increasing flows (multiple channels) of money and abundance continue to cascade through my life. My job is to open, relax, and allow. Then witness the flow of money energy through my life.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Go to bed grateful

As I fall asleep at night, I saturate my mind with the energy of pure gratitude. I send the energy of love to myself the next day. When I wake up in the morning, I begin with a deep, soul drenching smile that lights up every cell and atom of my body.

Then I proceed through my day. Feeling the love I sent myself the night before. Sending silent blessings of love, peace, and harmony to everyone I meet.

This is a recipe for success.

Go to sleep grateful.

Send love to the next day.

Wake up with a smile.

Move the feet.



Monday, April 9, 2018

I am limitless.

I am limitless.

I am unlimited.

I am wealthy beyond measure.

I am grateful for all that I have.

I am grateful for all my challenges.

I am.

All that I could ever intend, is mine already.



Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery


With each breath in, I open my heart to ascend and merge with the energy of universal love. With each breath out, I flood this energy through my heart and hands. Keeping my breaths continuous, I give thanks for this energy flowing through me in service to this planet and all life.

Tap your chest and repeat the above affirmation. Channeling Pure Reiki healing energy is as simple as opening your heart to the universe.

Reiki -- a system of natural healing using the extension of life force energy through the heart, mind, and hands -- is a beautiful, safe, and healing practice. Command #2 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind involves breathing the universal energy of love through our hearts on a daily basis.

This love contains all the healing, all the energy, all the creative ideas, all the insights, and all the abundance we seek. The foundation of true abundance that is also imbued with true fulfillment - is in feeling the energy of love flow through us.

Central to all the commands contained in this book is the premise that we are infinite spiritual beings, and that we have within us the entire universe of love, joy, energy, and abundance. We can tap into this energy any time we wish.

That is what Dr. Mikao Usui did when he resdicovered Reiki, which is really a super ancient form of healing that was reawakened in and through him. The practice of Reiki is as simple as placing your hands (or your mind's focus) on a body part with a loving intent.

Touch, combined with loving intent ----> that is Reiki.

I have been a Reiki Master Student for over 20 years. I say "student" because I think the word Master has been thrown around too much. Nevertheless, the word Master in Reiki circles means someone who has received training and attunements to that level. However, Reiki has busted out on all directions.

I believe that anyone with a heart-based, sincere desire to channel energy for the good of themselves or another, is already a Reiki "Master."

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery

One of the incredible teachers reaching and stretching the practice of Reiki to new levels, is Owen Coleman. He blows the lid off of Reiki, and exposes how anyone can learn Reiki without traveling and taking expensive classes. I am also in the process of writing my own ebook about Reiki, and how anyone can tap into their heart-field and channel the energy without going through all the semantic rituals.

Pure Reiki Healing is a good place to start for someone who is looking at learning Reiki. He reveals how the original teachings and practices of Reiki were pure, simple, and easy - and how anyone can tap into the universe to channel this energy.

Here is the truth about Reiki:

~You can unleash and direct Pure Reiki energy.

~It is inborn in you.

~You are already one, already entangled, already hard-wired to the universal flow of life force energy.

~You just need a sincere heart and the ability to focus your intent.

~All sounds and symbols of Pure Reiki is already inside you on a spiritual level.

~You don't need to travel and attend classes (although doing so can be a really awesome experience) to learn Reiki.

~You can learn Reiki sitting under a tree, by yourself.



Click here to read more about The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

Click here to read more about Pure Reiki Healing Mastery by Owen Coleman

Photo credit: Aziz Acharki via Unsplash

copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Quantum Mind Powers

I am rich within and beyond all measure, time, and form.

This affirmation is part of Command #1 of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind. It can also be used as a standalone reminder of how infinitely wealthy we already are.

Tap your chest with an open hand and speak the above affirmation with all your passion, all your heart, all your love, and all your vibrational intensity.

The truth is that...

We are breathing.

We can think.

We can visualize.

We can act.

We can learn from others.

We can read.

We can reprogram our subconscious minds.

We are spiritual beings with the whole kingdom of riches within us.

There is so much to be grateful for, so much wealth we can tap into regardless of how much money we have in the bank. In fact, money is just one tiny speck in all the grand and beautiful ways we can experience true abundance.

Quantum Mind Powers...

I am so grateful to see so many amazing people putting out so many incredible programs. One of them is Quantum Mind Powers. In my work, I help people anchor truths, statements, and affirmations into the heart-field. With this incredible foundation, we can get even more out of programs like Quantum Mind Powers. It helps unlock the infinite you that is encased within you. Once you tap into and unleash this infinite love and power within you, then actualizing real abundance and joy (including money if you choose) can become an experience of ease and grace.

All the wealth, all the joy, all the happiness, all the energy, all the wisdom -- all of it is already inside you.



Click here to learn more about Quantum Mind Powers

Click here to learn more about The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Friday, April 6, 2018

Just keep going

I am struggling.

It is really hard to keep going at times. Lately, I have been walking through quicksand. Emotional material, grief, sadness, past conditioning -- all arising in some kind of perfect storm to get me to quit. Every day, I have to fight this to just write a few words on this blog.

I still practice heart-tapping, heart-commanding, but I just want to quit. I want to stop writing on this blog. So, the message for today is a message to myself -- just keep going. Write something. Anything. But no matter what, keep your commitment to yourself.

Just get it done. As in a previous post - completion is the highest expression of excellence. So today, just for today, I will keep writing.

I will just keep going no matter what.

The sun will come out again,



The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Heal money shame


The intelligent energy of love now locates, clears, and releases all shame held in my body and mind surrounding money. I am grateful.

Tap the center of your chest as you repeat the above affirmation with passionate intensity and drop the above program into your heart-center. Repeat it with vigor, enthusiasm, energy, and joy. The truth is that love is intelligent energy - and knows right where all our money shame is held in our bodies.

Then, when some thought comes to mind that represents internal shame surrounding money, simply tap your chest and repeat the above command again.

The truth is that we all have money shame. We all feel inadequate when it comes to handling, investing, saving, or dealing with money. It is a stressful topic for most of us. It is also the most contentious topic that causes the most arguments in marriages and relationships.

So make a commitment to end money shame altogether.

The Gratitude Workbook:

The best antidote to money shame is writing the things, people, blessings that we are grateful for. In this spirit, I would love to share The Gratitude Workbook is a simple 30 day plan to grow your gratitude. I feel like this would be a great enhancement to practicing heart-tapping and gratitude growing as described in Command #3 of my book.




The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

The Gratitude Workbook

copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Gratitude seeping into the cells

Command #3:

Every day in every way, I embody the consciousness of ever-increasing gratitude - and I now relax, let-go, and rest in the freedom of who I am.

Repeat this one daily, with feeling and passion, until gratitude seeps into your cells.



The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Manifestation Miracle

The Miracle Manifesting Affirmation:

I manifest miracles through my sincere heart-based decision to shift my consciousness from one rate of vibration to another. I now shift my consciousness to higher states of joy, love, an gratitude and allow miracles to be created within and through me.

The manifestation of a miracle is nothing more than a shift in consciousness. It looks like a "miracle" from the lower state of vibration, but from the higher state of vibration, it is the natural order of things. Miracles are simply a restoration of our consciousness to our divine state of beingness. It is a shedding of what isn't real and a remembering of what is real.

The Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews:

It is so heartwarming to see more and more programs out there about manifesting miracles like this one. I love to find and share books, audios, programs, and resources that are in alignment with The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind. When we can activate our heart-field, and unleash the energy of our love that is accomplished through the 8 Commands of The Heart-Inspired Millionaire, then we can get even more out of The Manifestation Miracle.

Love is the energy that creates miracles. And again, miracles are nothing more than simply coming back into alignment with our true selves, our divine birthright. Once we get into alignment and shift our consciousness back up to higher states of vibration, then we will witness miracles being made manifest through us for the greater good of all humanity and the planet.

It is not our egos that is manifesting the miracles, but our soul natures. We are infinite beings temporarily playing hide and seek with the divine through our human forms. If we can remember who we are, then we will come to realize how loved we are -- and in realizing this -- we can receive, accept, and channel the energy of love through our beings -- and it is the love that does the heavy lifting.

Universal love is the ultimate miracle that comes into manifestation. This love can take the manifested reality of deeper connections, healed relationships, healed bodies, healed minds, and a more sustainable and compassionate world for all of life.

So when I see programs like The Manifestation Miracles, and see beautiful souls like Heather Matthews sharing their voice and putting their work out there, it makes me happy. There are so many other programs, books, etc out there -- and being an author myself -- I find it a truly exciting time to be alive.

To manifest miracles, be aware of your rate of vibration 

By simply being aware of the vibrational rate that you are humming at is the first step to manifesting miracles. Angry people do not co-create miracles and see them manifest. Nor do cynical people who see the world as a hostile place. By recognizing that you might be vibrating at a lower level, you can drop into self-compassion and gently nudge your body and mind to raise to a higher vibration. Simply thinking of what you are grateful for, an writing that down, is a crucial first step.

Gratitude is the doorway.



Click here to learn more about the Manifestation Miracle

Click here to learn more about The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Monday, April 2, 2018

Awakened Millionaire Academy


In this eternal now moment - I am divinely prospered. Every day in every way, I wake up to how infinitely blessed I truly am. It is wonderful, and I am grateful.

Tap the center of your chest with an open hand as you slowly repeat, feel, and vibrate the above command from within the center of your emotional field of energy and intelligence within your chest. It is true. You are an infinite being of divine riches - which makes you wealthy beyond all measure. This can include making and receiving money that vibrates with warm joy and love.

The Awakened Millionaire Academy by Joe Vitale

I am honored and grateful to share a program that is similar in purpose to the Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind. Joe Vitale is a very successful internet marketer so appears to also be authentically pursuing his spiritual goals. He demonstrates that it is possible to make meaningful money while also empowering your soul purpose. My purpose in getting my book out there is to help people infuse their business life (money) with the energy of their souls (love) to make the biggest positive difference in the world. 

The Awakened Millionaire Academy helps to awaken the incredible, awakened millionaire mindset through his various modules. This can help infuse passion and purpose into both your spiritual life and your business. Everything in the universe is comprised of energy, and we are that energy, and this universal energy is loving in nature. For this purpose, I see that the Awakened Millionaire Academy is in alignment with the Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind. My book is intended to anchor 8 specific, potent commands, or living realities of divine abundance, into the center of the human heart-field. This can empower any business, and really helps accelerate our spiritual pursuits. It can add life and vigor to participation in the Awakened Millionaire Academy.

I am grateful to Joe Vitale for furthering and facilitating the merging of spirit and business in such an authentic way. I have never met him personally, but in listening to his videos and reading his books, his large and expansive heart comes through loud and clear. He was featured as a guest on the movie, the Secret, and continues to demonstrate the truth and effectiveness of the Universal Law of Attraction. The Awakened Millionaire Academy further demonstrates that we can grow spiritually by leaps and bounds, while also make purposeful and meaningful money in the process. 



Click here to read more about the Awakened Millionaire Academy

Click here to read more about The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mind Power Riches

Affirmation for the Day:

I am so grateful to be alive and breathing today. With this as the foundation, my gratitude can only grow from there. I am so grateful to be alive and breathing today.

I am still considering how to work with this blog. Perhaps I am going to share opportunities and resources for tapping into wealth consciousness.

Program to consider:

Mind Power Riches is something for anyone who is on the path of unlocking the power of their mind to achieve inner and outer riches.

This audio and visual program could kick start you to achieving long-term riches. If you apply it.

I believe that the greatest power that we have to reprogram our minds is the heart-field, which is a field of energy greater and stronger than that of the brain alone. By accessing this energy field through breathing techniques and heart-tapping modalities, then programs like Mind Power Riches can be really effective.

Until we get our emotional centers involved in our dreams and goals, then the parts of our brains that need to be activated, will be left un-tapped.

You can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to. However, if all you want to do is make money for the sole sake of making even more money, then you have a recipe for unhappiness. Without fulfillment, material wealth leads to greater internal poverty. Find a way to access the emotional reserves of energy in your heart and Mind Power Riches will be an even more amazing program to participate in.

Click here to get the book, The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind.

Click here to learn more about Mind Power Riches.


Danny Skyfeather