Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Charge your goals with sound and energy

There is tremendous power in charging our goals with sound and energy. Take a money goal like this:

I am so happy and grateful now that by ________________, I have more than __________________ in my loving care and possession that I am using to serve the greater good of all life everywhere,

Write or type it out.

Then hold it in front of you and begin toning a sacred sound. You could tone these sounds:

AUM - Ahhh-uuhh-mmm

Kriya - Kreee-ahhhh

Rama - Raahh-mahhh

Either of them will work. Really stretch out the syllables. You can tone out-loud, in a whisper, or silently. I would try it out-loud to start with.

As you tone your sound, drop your awareness down into your chest. Tone the sound from within your heart-field. Then imagine, intend, and feel that this sound is flowing out of the center of your chest like a mighty river, directly into your stated goal.

When your mind wanders, that is okay. Just bring it back to the sound, to your heart, and to your intention that the sound flows into your goal.

Do this every day for like 90 days or more. Your goal will get impregnated with life force energy. It will brim to overflowing with light. The key is consistency. Doing it once or twice won't do. Make a commitment to do this long-term. Over time, you will notice some amazing results, perhaps even faster than you think.

Every day, I infuse life-force energy into the 8 Commands, all to make them even more potent for everyone.


Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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