Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Heart-centered autosuggestion

Heart-Centered Autosuggestion

I am re-committing to this process of anchoring affirmations, thoughts, prayers, etc into the center of my chest. If I can get the thought anchored in emotionally, I can get it into my subconscious mind. I am going to hone in on 4 of the Commands, #1, #4, #7, and #8. 

12 a day, day in and day out, until August 15, 2018. I started this process last year, and in the last 2 months, I have hit a major wall, I call it the The Resistance Wall of China. I have had the hardest time feeling connected, clear, and motivated. It has been hard as hell. But I am dogged in that I never stop getting up after I fall.

I commit to keep getting up after I fall. Deeper and deeper, I commit.



Photo by Siyan Ren on Unsplash

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