Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Let the goal go

As a continuation of yesterday's post about charging your goals with sound and energy, I would say one more thing: LET IT GO.

It is so easy to grasp ahold of the end result in a needy, emotionally demanding way, and then try to control, manipulate, or cajole the universe into complying with our demands. Quite the opposite should happen.

As we charge the goal with sound, love, and energy, we let it go.

We release it.

We give it to the universe.

We turn it over.

And we let the divine do all the heavy lifting.

So how do we let-go?

First, we relax the body.

Second, we point our awareness into the chest and simply let-go of wanting to control. We could say the words LET GO, as we tap the center of our chest with an open hand, relaxing even deeper.

Just practice.

Give your goals to the universe, and then trust that everything is working out perfectly.


Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

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