Saturday, June 2, 2018

one step past giving up

I have noticed something really cool about what I have been going through: I am able to keep going, past the point of giving up, even it if is just one more step. It is almost as if I am traveling through a canyon, with high cliffs on both sides of me. And the arrows of my old conditioning are bombarding me, telling me to quit.

I get hit by these arrows, and lay down for a few minutes, but then realize something:


I have the ability to get up and keep moving. Okay, here comes another barrage of arrows. Ping, ping, ping. I go down.


What happens if all my past conditioning throws everything at me, totally knocking me off my game and kicking my ass into the dirt until I just want to completely stop all forward movement - and then I muster the strength to take one small step past that point of giving up?

What happens is that I start to discover my own immortal nature, my own invincibility.


Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash

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