Monday, June 11, 2018

Rising up again

I am so grateful that I am rising up out of the long desert. I am feeling much more grounded, on track, connected, and motivated. Little by little, I am getting there. I feel like my enthusiasm has been renewed. I am committed to anchoring these commands even deeper into my chest.

Over the past year, my relationship to the flow of money and abundance through my life has totally transformed. I am way more relaxed and trusting. I just know that money is flowing. I don't stress about it.

And now, I have undertaken to record my spending in real time. To really look at it, study my habits, and see about plugging some of the holes in the boat. For the longest time, I have been unconscious about money. Just make enough to live on, pay my bills, and spend the rest. But now, I feel a deep and powerful urge to become more awake and conscious around money.

It feels good.

I am really committed to proving for myself that these commands work. That is why I pledge to not give up. I am going to be writing and working on this blog for many years in this process.



Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash

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