My message of love to all heart-based entrepreneurs, dreamers, change-makers, and lovers of life and the planet. I have discovered a way to access and reprogram the subconscious mind through the medium of our intuitive energetic hearts.

 This process enlivens, awakens, and unleashes the energy of our love for the purpose of manifesting joy-rich abundance to serve the greater good. 

There really isn't anything quite like this anywhere.

My name is Danny, and I am filled to overflowing with gratitude for the privilege of sharing this message with you. If all you do is just read this letter -- then I hope you feel my heart-waves of warm love and appreciation as I type these words. Thank you!

Like many of us, I went through hell as a kid but still found a way to grow up with big ambitions and dreams. I am a lawyer by trade, but a student of the heart and mind by calling.

With lawyering as my day job -- for 20 years I spent my nights and weekends diving into the mind. I studied literally everything I could get my hands on to help me create and manifest success and abundance in ways that empowered my heart instead of depressing it.

My favorite modality was energy healing. In my extensive training in Reiki and energy modalities, I discovered that love is an actual vibration that I can access and channel for incredible benefits. I always knew, even as a kid -- that love is why I am here.

Feeling the energy of love flow through me has always been the most ecstatic experience! (And I am talking about love in the transpersonal or universal sense, not in the personality or egoic sense)

Was there a new way to internally engage with the energy of money and abundance that actually accessed the energy of this love?

Was there a way to keep waking up to the energy and consciousness of love within me while also making money in the process? Is that possible?

Was there a way to infuse the energy of love into money as a way to actually lift up the vibration of money around the planet? Could a person be financially and spiritually rich at the same time?

These questions, and many more, were always on my mind. They haunted me.

I have made money the stressful way -- long 14 hour days, weekends spent working and obsessing on cases and clients, time away from my family, stress and more stress.

But I always knew that there just had to be a better way.

It was only after moving to California and having my life collapse -- that this incredible material came elegantly dancing through my heart and soul. It was like I was sitting on the banks of a river, just watching it roll through me. I literally had no money at the time, but felt happier and more abundant than I ever had in my entire life!

What came through me were the 12 Heart-Commands of the Heart-Inspired Millionaire. Over the next 2 years, I would refine, rebuild, reconnect, and distill them into 8 Commands.

A friend of mine, Violeta Villacorta, got her hands on the first draft of the book, and truly loved it.

So we began meeting and tapping the commands into our hearts together -- and what we found was how amazing it felt to do this work in a deliberate space of connected love. It seemed that the heart-taps were designed to be done with someone.

We found that when hearts connect for the purpose of repeating powerful thoughts -- a larger field of energy was created between us, and the energy felt amazing.

And now the work must grow.

This book is a space of heart-connected love. When you open book, breathe deeply, and read through the pages -- you are silently tapping into this energetic space.

When you anchor, repeat, feel, vibrate, and plant the 8 Commands inside your chest and body -- you are connecting in this love with everyone else who are also repeating them. In fact, your heart is connecting with someone across the planet, and someone in the past or future who are repeating them. This is because the energy of love transcends but is also equally present in all moments of time and space.  

This increases their magnetic power for everyone.

The ultimate power of this Mastermind is found in this truth: When two or more people gather in love to repeat the same potent thoughts inside their hearts, then an energetic mastermind is created, and everyone benefits.

The 8 heart-commands of the heart-inspired millionaire...

The first command opens up a spiritual awareness of the whole universe unfolding through us, helping is fully realize how rich we already are...

The second command activates a continuous flow of love from our higher selves through our human selves...

The third command awakens a natural, effortless state of gratitude, relaxation, and freedom within us...

The fourth command magnetizes increasing flows of money through us that vibrate at the energetic frequencies of love, joy, and gratitude...

The fifth command opens up a deep channel within us where we receive an overflowing supply of divine help and inspired ideas...

The sixth command infuses into our cells and mind a commitment to take relaxed, inspired, persistent, and massive action...

The seventh command plants a future memory of millions of joy-rich dollars having already manifested in our lives to enjoy and share with others in a spirit of giving and generosity...

The eighth command infuses all our financial resources with still more love to release upon the world to devotionally serve the awakening of greater peace, freedom, abundance, and compassion everywhere...

So there you have it!

The practice is to repeatedly anchor these commands into our chests and bodies -- and do so over time -- so as to completely reform and reshape our subconscious minds. Our ultimate purpose is to experience abundance flows that are aligned with our higher purpose, that engages our hearts, unleashes our love, and helps make the world a better place to live.

To join the Mastermind, all you need to do is get the book and start tapping the commands into your chest. Better yet, connect with a friend or partner and anchor these commands into your chest together.

This book is a distillation of over 20 years of experience, study, meditation, tears, pain, joy, and love.

It is my heart.

In fact, it is not really a book in the traditional sense -- it is more of a manual of the heart -- it is more of an energy space of connection -- and it is ultimately a living prayer for a new world economy driven by the heart and by our love -- rather than by our fear.

Also, I actively channel and infuse the energy of love into these commands for the ultimate benefit of everyone who repeats them. Every day, they grow in vibrancy, joy, love, and power.

A few more things to remember....

1. This book is self-published on my own terms and printed on demand. This is better for the environment and is more efficient.

2. These commands are for heart-based entrepreneurs in all fields: writing, acting, painting, singing, selling, inventing, creating, and serving. Whatever your vocation, calling, or profession -- these commands can help you totally reshape your mind in the image of unlimited success AND happiness.

3. When you purchase a book, one tree will be planted through the worldwide organization,

So if you made it to the end of this message, I want to send you another wave of my heart-felt love and thanks for reading this! May your journey be filled to overflowing with the joy of who you are.



If you feel that this resonates with you, if you see that this could benefit your life, if you hear a message of love here -- and if you are a heart-based entrepreneur -- and are driven by your love -- and are committed to making a huge difference in the world, then perhaps you would love to join us now.

Get the book.

Tap the commands into your chest.

Connect spiritually with everyone else doing the same thing.

Transform your life.

Make your impact on the world.

1 Book -- $19.99 plus shipping

2 Books -- $33.00 plus shipping (One for you and one for your partner or friend!)

6 month money back guarantee. Here is the deal I offer you. This material isn't fast food. It is designed to be worked patiently and with loving persistence over time. So really work these commands into your chest and mind for up to 6 full months. Then if you want your money back, send the book back and I will refund your purchase price, less shipping. It's all good! But... please, please make a decision to really work this material over the long haul. It truly takes time to reprogram your body, mind, and life. Only you can make the decision to put everything you have into this. 

copyright 2017 Danny Skyfeather

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