Manoj Bhargava and the Billions in Change movement to save the world by creating and implementing solutions to the most basic global problems - water, energy, and health. 
Manoj Bhagava is a perfect example of a true, heart-inspired billionaire. He is an Indian American businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures LLC (dba Living Essentials LLC), the company is known for producing the 5-hour Energy drink. By 2012 the brand had grown to do an estimated $1 billion in sales.
In 2015, Bhargava pledged 99% of his net worth to improving the well-being of the world's less fortunate. He believes that it is our responsibility to give back in a major way.
What is the point of our wealth if it doesn't increase the greater good? Financial wealth without a commitment to service becomes the poverty of human consciousness.
To learn more, go to www.billionsinchange.com
See the amazing film below:

Violeta Villacorta and her commitment to help preserve the Amazon Rainforest by supporting local artisans and lifting up indigenous communities. 
Violeta Villacorta is a fierce ecopreneur working tirelessly to help preserve the Amazon Rainforest by cultivating a sustainable business model that serves the local artisans. This helps lift up the sacred, indigenous communities that have lived for thousands of years in the Amazon. Here is the PHILOSOPHY of Violeta Villacorta and the ORG by VIO brand:
"We are living in an age of unparalleled opportunities as we are able to exchange dialogue between communities around the world, which were once unable to communicate the importance of their culture and traditions. Through the power of sustainable business we can promote the culture of these beautiful indigenous communities and environment, as well as provide sustainable opportunities to create lasting economic benefits and growth that are in par with sustainable development and community empowerment."
See her video below:
Tony Robbins and his unrelenting commitment to feed the hungry and let people know that there are people in this world who care.
Tony Robbins is a true heart-inspired millionaire. His heart drives his business and drives his commitment to help other people know that there are people in this world who care. He learned how powerful it was to bring food to people at a very early age, discovering how incredibly moving and beautiful it is to give to others. It is not really about the food, it is about the love.
Every meal he gives to people is infused with the power of his love. This is what being a heart-inspired millionaire is all about. We use the money we give as a vehicle for pouring our love into the world. It doesn't matter how much we give, but how much love we pour into what we give.
His Motto: The Secret To Living Is Giving.
Tony is a great example of that. Learn more by visiting his foundation here. He is also donating 100 percent of his profits from the sale of his newest book, Unshakeable, to his foundation. Pretty awesome guy.
Watch him in his own words here:

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