Millionaire Mind

Creating a Millionaire Mind by Accessing the Heart-Field

By Danny Skyfeather

There is so many books, courses, classes, seminars, and teachers on the internet -- all talking about cultivating and creating a millionaire mind. Many of them, unfortunately, lead people to believe that getting a millionaire mind is like ordering something at a fast food drive thru: "I'll take one large fry, a large coke, and one millionaire mind to go please." If only it were that easy!

Writing The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind came through 24 years of intense study into the mind, energy work, meditation, hypnosis, and the science of success. In this book, I present to you 8 Heart-Commands to drop and anchor into the emotional centers of the chest. As you do this over time, your subconscious mind is accessed directly, reconditioned, and renewed. Persistence, patience, and tenacious practice over time is essential. It is not a quick fix. Each command represents a principle for achieving a true millionaire mind and wealth consciousness that is inspired by our heart and driven by our love.


All the great spiritual teachers tell us that we are already wealthy, already rich beyond our ability to comprehend. We are rich in heart, rich in spirit, rich in our ability to choose new and powerful thoughts, rich in the energy of love, rich in our connections with others. In fact, the whole universe, according to these ancient mystics, is already enfolded within us. We contain the Divine. The Kingdom of Love is within us.

Once we know this, and I mean, really get it -- then our whole outlook and identity is not all tied up in the green energy of money. We know how wealthy we are because of the love we are, the love we have, the love we give, and the love we receive. We are spiritually rich beyond all the currencies in the world.

Knowing we are already wealthy -- we won't NEED to have a millionaire mind or develop a millionaire mindset, or make millions of dollars. When we don't need something, we are much more effective in creating and manifesting it.

This is what Heart-Command #1, the Unfolding Universe Command, does for us. It helps us tap into the energetic, joyous, loving, and infinite abundance that is already within us.


Anyone who hates themselves will find it next to impossible to develop a heart-centered millionaire mind, mindset, or wealth consciousness. Of course, people who hate themselves can, in fact, and in many times do, make millions of dollars. But the money never fills them up. It is never enough. They are cranky, in ill-health, and overall miserable. It is my humble opinion that having millions of dollars without a bedrock of sincere, spiritual, and unconditional self-love is a recipe for disaster. The more money that this person accumulates will only deepen their pit of despair and poverty.

Yes, having millions of dollars can also accompany a poverty mindset. Again, people can make a ton of cash but still be miserable inside. In writing my book, I really wanted to show people how to develop a happy millionaire mind, a joyous one, a fulfilled heart, and a life full of connection and happiness.

I decided, early on when I was practicing law 14 hours a day, and after taking real estate training courses where the teachers focused only on money for the sake of money -- that if becoming a millionaire meant I had to be miserable, then I would rather not have the money. If I was going to do this, I had to find a way to be truly ecstatic, healthy, and happy doing it.

Self-love is the path to developing a millionaire mind that is rooted in genuine happiness and joy. Command #2 of my book is designed to be felt and cultivated, through time and effort, so that self-love becomes a subconscious law operating in the mind automatically.

Millionaire Mind Principle #3 - GRATITUDE, RELAXATION, AND FREEDOM 

Having a relaxed attitude about business, money, and wealth helps us attract more of the same. Being in a frantic hurry, feeling stressed out all the time, and complaining, does nothing but repel the very things we say we want.

Instead, a happy and joyous millionaire mind is one that is constantly grateful, and often times grateful for the simple joy of feeling grateful. Also, being at ease, relaxed, and feeling a growing sense of inner freedom -- these are also strong components of a genuinely happy millionaire mind and mindset.

And again, this happiness does not DEPEND on having a few million bucks stored away in the bank. Instead of saying, "I will be so happy when I have a million dollars to use to enjoy and help others," you can say "I am so happy and grateful now, because I choose to be." Make that a powerful commitment that you are not controlled by money. Choose to be happy regardless of the green that's in your pocket or in your bank. This comes back to knowing how wealthy you already are.

In this state of inner, unconditional gratitude, ease, freedom, and happiness -- developing a millionaire mind and making millions of dollars will be more efficient, effortless, joyous, and fun.

Command #3 of my book is like a supernatural injection of supreme gratitude straight into the cells. The more you work this command into your heart and subconscious mind -- gratitude, relaxation, ease, and a deep state of inner freedom will become automatic.

Millionaire Mind Principle #4 -- BEING A SPECIFIC KIND OF MONEY MAGNET

In developing a millionaire mind that is sourced from the love and wisdom of the chest, it is important to attract a certain kind of money. You see, money is simply energy, and it holds and carries the thoughts and feelings of those who touch it, receive it, and give it.

Again, it is possible to become super money-rich but be super miserable, disconnected, isolated, unhealthy, and unhappy. If you want to be a heart-based millionaire who uses your wealth to give, love, and to serve others -- all while being happier than you ever have before -- then it is important to continuously attract money that vibrates at the higher energetic frequencies of love, joy, and gratitude.

So, having a heart-inspired millionaire mind means that 1) in receiving money, you are doing so in a state of love, of joy, and of gratitude. It is like you are receiving love from the universe!, and 2) in giving money, you are releasing that money with the same energies. Your specific relationship to money reflects your relationship to all of life. Living in gratitude, joy, and love -- you magnetize money to you in ever increasing waves and from multiple directions.

Command #4 has been called the "new economy" command -- all because we are choosing to receive, give and have money within the energetic frequencies of love, joy, and gratitude. With time and patient practice, our hearts and subconscious minds will be automatically drawing money to us that resonates at these higher levels.


This is totally intangible, and completely unique to each individual. We all want to feel connected to Spirit, and to receive help, ideas, coincidences, relationships, and opportunities to help us make the most difference in our own lives and that of the world. In embodying a millionaire mind that is anchored in the heart-center, we are connecting to the flow of this help, and these ideas.

We are here to serve, to make the world a better place, to impact the lives of others, to help others in truly effective ways, to help the planet. This is crucial to feeling and knowing we are rich. If we are rich in ideas, then we are richer than all the money in the world could ever make us.

This is a beautiful truth of most all heart-inspired millionaires. The ones who are happy and wealthy, who are rich in heart, soul, and in cash -- are also rich in ideas.

Command #5 of my book, The Heart-Inspired Millionaire Energetic Mastermind, anchors into the emotional centers of the chest and body, the continuous receiving of this inner help and resources.

Millionaire Mind Principle #6 -- TAKING ACTION, ACTION, AND MORE ACTION

Everyone talks about taking massive action. Yet, the key to massive action is one potent action a day, repeated day in and day out, over the course of many months, or even years. The key is taking action that is filled with a sense of relaxed ease. It is like we are strolling along the path, our minds rich, our hearts full of love, as the forces of the universe respond to our every step.

Taking relaxed and inspired action is the key to a happy, healthy, fulfilled, and joyous millionaire mind, mindset, heart, and life. Taking stressed out action only leads to stressed out results. Yes, you can accumulate millions of dollars the stressful way, but what's the point if you can't enjoy it when you get there?

Command #6 of my book, when worked and cultivated deeply into the chest and mind over time, installs a continuous impetus, motivation, and enthusiasm to take action that is relaxed, inspired, persistent, and massive.


Philanthropic, giving, and loving millionaires already have a clear picture, a clear reality, a clear truth that they are already millionaires. They literally breathe money in, and do so with deliberate purpose, service, joy, and inspiration. They begin with the ALREADY manifested reality within them. Each and every day, they drop into this reality of already having these millions of dollars to enjoy and give to others in love and service. They emotionally enjoy this reality. They revel in it.

Having this clear imprint lodged in their heart-centers and minds -- all their actions are imbued with the energy of this image. They continue to work, innovate, serve their customers, breathe, laugh, love, pray, affirm, and contribute. They keep on keeping on. Their faith in themselves just keeps growing with each step they take. In time, they become unstoppable.

Heart-Inspired Millionaires already have the millions of joyous dollars deeply lodged in their minds and bodies before a single dime ever shows up in their bank accounts. This is the very essence of having a heart-based millionaire mind.

Command #7 is a future memory of having the kind of consciousness that receives millions of dollars with relaxed ease all the time, and a kind of consciousness that is always grateful for the privilege of having, enjoying, and sharing all that money with the world. When we anchor, install, and breathe this command deep into the chest, and do so with patience and persistence over time, this consciousness of a genuine, heart-filled, loving millionaire will continue to grow.


The millionaires that are the happiest, are not emotionally attached to their money. Their life-blood, their core identity, is not all tied up in their bank balances. They realize that money is energy, and energy comes from the universe, and will return to the universe. No big deal. In this way, they are able to imbue the energy of love and service into money, and release it to serve the highest and greatest good of all life on earth.

This does not mean that these millionaires live in loin-cloths and give all their wealth away because they don't feel worthy of it. To the contrary, they live their lives in a state of genuine plenty. They just have this knowing that they won't be on this planet for very long, and that no cash will be placed in their caskets when they die.

In releasing money for the purpose of service, more money always shows up. This is the definition of affluence and the law of the universe. In giving, we ultimately receive. And in giving our love, with money being just one way to do that, we are leaving our legacy of compassion and kindness for future generations to enjoy.

Command #8 of my book installs an intention of love, service, and giving into the flow of money in our lives. It helps us cultivate a consciousness of giving when it comes to money, and helps us see that our money is providing service to the world in the highest, most beautiful way possible.

So there you have it!

Drop this message into your heart and see how you feel.


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P.S.S. Also, if you know of anyone who could benefit from this information, please feel free to share!

copyright 2017 Danny Skyfeather

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