Private Heart-Tapping Sessions

The magic is in the heart-to-heart connection we share with each other as we energetically anchor these beautiful commands of abundance into the center of our chests. Heart-field coaching sessions are a priceless opportunity to experience major breakthroughs in all areas of your life: personal, business, health, relationship, spiritual. This is a unique form of coaching that activates the immense intelligence and consciousness of your intuitive energetic heart. There is nothing else quite like it.
This video will give you a picture of what a session will look like:
Here is how the session will look:
1. We call in, or invoke, our higher natures to be present in the session. Many call this our "higher selves." This is the most benevolent aspect of who we are. We invite all beings in the universe vibrating at the frequency of love. We state the intention of connecting our heart-fields for the purpose of anchoring the 8 Commands into the center of our chests.
2. We breathe deeply and powerfully for a moment or two, priming and opening the center of our chests.
3. We feel, vibrate, and passionately heart-speak the 8 commands.
4. We rest in silence for a moment or two, enjoying the energy, bliss, and love that we have created together.
5. The main intention and purpose of each session is to get these 8 Commands planted and growing inside you. These sessions will not involve giving financial advice or to coach you on how to become a millionaire. You already know how to do that. Our focus will be to get these potent embedded in the emotional centers of your body and in your subconscious mind.
6. We will install powerful visual images of your dreams having already been fulfilled into your body and nervous system.
This is an incredible process. As our heart-fields intentionally connect, a larger field of energy and consciousness is formed. For many, it feels like a beautiful transmission.
These sessions feel incredibly good, and helps make room in our cells and atoms for the 8 Heart-Commands to take deeper root within us.

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